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    hello, thanks for your time in reading this post. i was just hired yesterday to ups supply chain soltuions in my area, initially i was under the impression that UPS was UPS but now after ive done a little research i see now there are multiple divisons. i suppose the reason im writing this is to find out a little information, i dont really know much at all so i thought who better to ask than those who work for UPS. Can you tell me some basics like what is UPS scs? i know that i will be starting out at 9.90/hr, is that the average starting pay? its just an entry level position, dock worker is the position i filled the application for, is 9.90/hr the average starting pay? i always heard that UPS workers got paid pretty good, should i expect to be paid $10 forever? Is UPS scs a part of the union? if so can you explain the union to me? ive never before worked for a union. i guess i just dont know what to expect so im looking for any information you guys are willing to share with me. thanks in advance for your greatly appreciated responses. :happy2:
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    This video will explain everything you need to know.
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    lol. you dont make me feel so good with that reply. i thought ups was a good place to work
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    any information regarding full time employee benefits would be greatly appreciated as well, vacation time, health insurance, sick days, things like that. again thank you for your responses!
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    Don't worry about bubbles--he has problems interacting with adults.

    ajblakejr is the SCS point of contact on this forum. She can answer all of your questions (and look doing so:wink2:)
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    thank you kindly for your reply. i look forward to getting a reply with some answers to my questions from ajblakejr soon!:wink2:
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    Would that be an example of the pot calling the kettle black? :devil:
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    If the adults in question prefer to engage in the mundane and trivial---yes.