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    I have looked through a lot of forums concerning UPS and all positions that are realative to this position I just accepted and I have noticed a lot of positive as well as negative comments. Understandably, I do not yet have any working knowlege of the day to day operations of a hub, but would appreciate any and all advice on what to expect short term as well as long term. I'm currently 50 hours short of finishing my BA in Bussiness Admin and I'm grateful that UPS will be paying for the rest of my tuition!! I have currently been unemployed for 3 months and the job market is brutal to say the least, but again I'm grateful for this opportunity. The position is at a smaller hub and all of the people I have met so far have been very supportive and positive. I just don't want to start off on the wrong foot and was hoping that some advice here would be beneficial. Obviously advancement is always a goal! I start 3/22 on the preload with the previous Supe that was recently promoted. Thank you....Cwick
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Cwick. Much like any other job, you will get out of it what you put in to it. If you are here only for the tuition reimbursement (and there is nothing wrong with that) UPS will look really good on your resume. If you are planning on making this your career you will need to learn to separate your personal and professional lives (in other words, leave UPS at the door when you go home) and you will need to develop a thick skin. Don't be afraid to ask your center team for help if you need it. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, do not lose sight of who you are as a person. Do not let your job define you. Good luck.
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    This tells you how undesirable that position is at UPS. They can no longer promote from within and have to hire a PT Sup off the street. I wouldn't be surprised to see this trend continue. I know in my hub, PT sups get dumped on, receive no respect from mgt or hourlies(except for a few good ones) and most are promoted simply because UPS usually has 1 candidate, if that to fill the position. Certainly not because they're qualified or capable.

    If not for inheriting PT sups from a smaller hub that closed down, our preload was short PT sups with no one wanting the position.
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    Welcome to UPS, you will have a lifespan of about 9 months, keep looking for a new career while you are being used.

    Nothing worse for the UPS system than a college kid with ZERO "practical working knowledge" of the operation.

    Keep your resume up to date.

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    Not just part time, you wont find a center that has a driver willing to go either.

    Cwick, do not do union work, its not your job to load or unload, and do not be afriad to tell your employees good job, this way they can live with you telling them they did this wrong today. To get respect is to give respect.
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    I once knew a PT soup that applied to another large company and, during negotiating his new rate of pay, the new company said they would give him an additional five cents an hour for his part time management experience at UPS. The year was 1979. I guess a nickel went a long way back then. Not.
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    All the response so far is greatly appreciated! I have worked for a couple bigger companies in the past and had supervision experience, but none involving union. Again, this is helpful..thank you!
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    Welcome to the deadend job at UPS.
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    If they hired you then it means no one who currently works there is willing to do the job.

    PT sup is the worst job at UPS.
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    That's damn good advice for everybody!
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    Good advice Cwick and for anybody. Keep a Community of friends outside of any company and keep your Purpose in life outside of of any company.
    You have to make your own decisions about whether to make UPS a career and there will be plenty of time for that and you will find that working with Union employees is a bit different - better in some ways, worse in others.
    In regards to advice - respect the people you work with, be sincere in your communications and be honest in reporting your numbers.
    Above all else, get your degree and if you can a Masters ... that will open many doors for you and provide you with the opportunity to find a work experience that is really the right one for you.

    Good luck in life.