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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by steelheader69, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. Just found this site by accident. Was looking for some graphics for a driver friend of mine who just retired today.

    I know you can check my profile, but I'm a package car driver in Tacoma. I deliver super rural routes (usually in a P3). Been working at UPS since 1988 straight out of high school. I'm an avid fisherman and whitewater junky (will usually try to fit both in together). I have my own fishing business on the side (I tie flies professionally and am starting an online tackle shop for people who fish for salmon/steelhead).

    Hope to contribute some online. I'm mostly on the fishing BB's.
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    hey steel---i'm new here too and I have enjoyed my stay thus far. I am an avid hunter from texas and it looks like i may get an opportunity to hunt the tanana flats in alaska next year for moose(if i can get the vacation time off)

    do you hunt too?---or just stick to fishin?

    I fish quite a bit down here in TX -- mostly for crappie and black bass
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    A BIG Welcome from the "Right Coast"
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    upsdude: you mean "snow coast" don't you? Or are you further south?

    I saw in your profile that you are a NASCAR Tech Inspector. How did you get that job? I would love to have a side job with NASCAR.