Just quit glad I did.

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  1. I started at UPS 3 weeks ago and really was excited. I really thought I was gonna enjoy my job but my experience was way different. My FT Sup did every thing he could to make me want to quit. He would tell me to help this guy or help this guy and then when I got back to my truck it was backed up. Then a couple of minutes later he would say hey why your truck backed up. At one point he told me I was wasting his hours and he could get some else here. This Monday we had several people not show up so I worked on a high volume truck and finished it and then was told to help the guy next to me. After that I was told to go work my old truck keep in mind it had no one on it all night. About 10 mins in my old truck my FT Sup said I was told your pace was slow. So I said :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: you and left. Felt good to let it out.

    Its all good though gonna go back to construction till I finish tech school. Good luck to you guys that are just starting out and hopefully your experience will be better than mine.
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    Bye----don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
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    He did his job. Hell, there are only about four months till we get into SLOW peak and your WHINING now. Just think how it would be after Thanks Giving?
  4. Returntosender

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    Waste of money for UPS to train these guys. Then they quit in couple if weeks.
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    Yup. I wonder if the training sucks, maybe they don't emphasize how difficult the job is.
    Maybe noobs should be coddled a little longer, this guy was only here three weeks.
    Like you say, it's a big waste of money when we lose them so fast.
  6. rocket man

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    at least you tried see ya.
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    Its called motivation *. Have fun at your career at Burger King.
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    I have seen my share of good loaders leave the same way. Sounds like you were doing fine,but that is how UPS is and it's best you found out now before investing a lot of your time.
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    Never let management see you fold. Their stupid decisions make me lots of OT.


    Explain to me how UPS lost any money on this guy? They got cheap labor, and didnt have to pay him any type of beneifts or insurance. There is no such thing as training when it comes to being a loader. Unless you call sitting infront of a tv and watching 15 minutes of videos that tell you how to stretch than man UPS really lost their rear end on this guy.
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    Why are you giving this kid grief? He obviously was harassed like we all are and decided it wasn't for him. Goodluck in school. Ups isn't for everyone
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    It cant hit him in the ass because your head is in the way. This is the guy you told to roll over and take it from mgmt (like you do), instead of standing up to them. Your a real piece of work. Oh crap did i say piece of work, my bad !

    So you give him bad advice and stomp him on the way out.
  13. Jackburton

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    How did UPS waste money in this guy? Seems to me they got someone who did their job and someone else's, continuously was working more than he should have been doing alone, and obviously one of the better loaders around. Seems to me this guy wasted his time at UPS, because as most of you know, they take someone's potential to do great things, their pride, and desire to push themselves to the point of crushing them and abusing them till they did what this guy did. Sounds to me UPS lost someone who cared, maybe they'll get someone who doesn't next time. /shrug
  14. over9five

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    Think of the interview. Think of all the employment paperwork. Think of the tour. Some HR person got paid a bunch of money to lose a guy in 3 weeks.
  15. Buck Fifty

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    He was lost when most of you guys told him to curl up in the fetal position and let the company kick the crap out of him !
  16. Monkey Butt

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  17. Jackburton

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    And some pimple nosed sup, that probably sucked at loading and got promoted out of it, rode this guy till he quit. Who's the one that really caused the company to lose money here, sounds like themselves once again.
  18. curiousbrain

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    Any major corporation is going to grind the crap out of you, just like UPS did - that is just the nature of modern business. Maybe you will be one of the lucky few who gets a job where the stress and demands are not high, but in all likelihood, the demands on you will be just as high, they just wont be physical - read: time, stress, mental, etc.

    Regardless, good luck.
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    Aren't "trainers" salaried like the rest of FT management? So whether he's training a group or not, he's getting paid. The only money UPS wasted on this guy was the (1-3 days x < 4 hours he spent sitting in the training room)x8.50, plus the cost of ink/paper for any documents used on him. Other than that, they received work for the 3 weeks he did actually work.

    In another thread, you guys would have been patting him on the back for making the right decision.
  20. Monkey Butt

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    I think everyone already came to that conclusion. Just saying. LOL

    It always amazed me that a kid will come to work at UPS for 8 / hr and take the abuse and pressure.