Just was offered a job as loader/unloader

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  1. almonty

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    Hi I am new here. Was just offered a job as loader/unloader as job description.
    I'm 47 in the middle of a divorce and need money. Have been a stay at home mom for 14 years. December 2012 had neck surgery and then June 2013 had lower back surgery. Still have a lot of pain in lower back. I am being told by everyone that I can not work this job. Would greatly appreciate input from anyone who has had experience with this job position. I would love to take the job because the hours (10am-3pm) and the fact of no weekends or holidays greatly appeals to me so I can spend time with my daughter. Thank you
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    Well, if you can't lift a certain weight limit you won't get the job. I think it was 75 lbs? Not sure, someone can correct me. Really it depends on what is best for you. It is pretty much physical work the entire shift. If you think this will reinjure your back or neck you might want to find something else to do. If you think you can handle it then try it out but really it's your call. If I was you I would ask your doctor. If he clears you then I would at least try it. I will say this though, when I was a loader/unloader I hated it. I stuck it out but honestly I hated coming to work everyday. The only thing that kept me here were the benefits.
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    Thank you. Yes my doctor has reservations also about me working this job. I've always worked physical jobs and I guess just don't want to accept that I am older and may not be able to do this type of work anymore. Was offered a job at Walmart today and may have to just accept that offer instead. Will hate having to work weekends and holidays. Thank you again responding so honestly. I appreciate it

  4. 47,female,with neck/back injuries....don't try it...you'll fail.
    I don't work for UPS,but you'll end up quitting or reinjuring yourself most likely in my opinion.
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    That's what is most disheartening. That I can't do the type of work I always loved.
  6. nothing in life last forever.Even life doesn't last forever.
    Adapt to your situation and keep moving forward.Time doesn't go back - it goes forward.
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    Awe thank you.
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    Well if you can bend, grab, stoop, pivot, lift (up to 70lb by yourself) then have at it. Oh wait, I forgot to mention its for 4-5 hrs and you have to be moving quickly and Safely. Not to discourage but its very hard work and you will be super sore for a few weeks at least. You never know till you try just know what your doing.

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  9. I tell bitches what they NEED to know,not what they WANT to hear.

    No emotions involved.
  10. almonty

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    I'm not afraid of hard work. Was just trying to get a feel for what the job is about and if my back would be able to handle it.

    @Coca Cola Delivery Man87 totally uncalled for.
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    I'm a current loader and it does suck. The supervisor will get irritated if your too slow he's always pushing you to get more pph (package per hour). You get written up for bad load quality and miss loads even if you get them out of the trailer someone always throws them back in. Non stop work too hot in summer too cold in winter. My body still aches from the occasional bruise. I scan anywhere from 1200-1800 packages a day. Only been here 7 months. Other than that I would only recommend it if you wanna go driving. That's the whole reason I'm here, should go driving here soon hopefully.

    -Do you even deliver bro-
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  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You love repetitive, mind-numbing, no mental challenge work?

    Take the Walmart offer----UPS will be too physical with your limitations.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yet you wonder why you are single in Vegas.
  15. I said I was "ALONE" in Vegas.Not single in Vegas.
    I'm alone in Vegas not because of why you may think.I have plenty of people around me - its just that everyone is mostly fake and just playing a "role" in Vegas,and I feel so alone because I'm one of the few real individuals in Vegas.
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    I would not advise taking a job here with brown at your age and past physical history as a loader/unloader. It will not end well. These jobs are very physical. No matter what HR tells you about the limits on weight and movement. They lie!!

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  17. upschuck

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    Here, HR tells perspective employees that the job will be the most physical job they have ever had. The also give them a DOL assessment of the job that states the demands and difficulty of the job.

    HR get graded on their turnover rate. Don't know what their number needs to be, but they are not hiring people they don't think can hack it here. They have to go by what the perspective employee tells them, or there could be a lawsuit.
  18. Austin.Was.My.Hero

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    Agree with everyone else who suggests not trying. You're only setting yourself up for failure.

    If you've already been interviewed hopefully you still have their phone number. Call them back and explain the concerns because of your back but are still motivated to work. If you've not had your interview yet - still attend!
    How much phone/computer experience do you have? How about leadership skills? Management is always looking for new PT Sups to abuse.

    You would not make it as a preloader but their is jobs available at local hubs which do not involve heavy lifting.
  19. bleedinbrown58

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    No and no...you cannot work this job. This job CAUSES chronic neck/back/knee problems as it is.
  20. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Real= Douche?? I must've missed that memo.