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    Just a little reminder here of what a "swell" fellow Mr Smith is, and how much both he and FedEx care for you. This is mainly for new members, because I've mentioned most of this on the BC before.

    Fred started FedEx with his $4 million dollar inheritance in conjunction with a number of other investors. At the time, it was the largest venture capital project ever. So for those of you that think Fred is self-made...he's not. In today's dollars that $4 million would be the equivalent of $21 million. Unfortunately, Fred needed more money, so he took it from the inheritance(s) of 2 of his sisters...without their knowledge. Oops. I'm guessing he wouldn't want that to get out.

    During the early years of Federal Express, a drunken Smith hit and killed a Memphis pedestrian with his vehicle. Because Memphis has nothing else going for it except Elvis, Smith walks. Uh-oh...

    Smith was convicted of insider trading a few years ago and paid some hefty penalties...hmmmm.

    Fred publicly proclaims that FedEx is "not anti-union in any way", but he has paid-out millions in contributions to anti-union politicians and jets them all over the world on the FedEx corporate jet fleet and continues to do so. Rush Limbaugh thinks it's OK, so it must be all right. Right?

    While at Yale, Smith was a member of the exclusive "Skull and Bones". Let's see, what other famous politicians might be friendly with Fred and do him favors? Bush, Kerry....and many more. Hmmm again.

    Smith is what is known as a "Ranger" in the Republican party. This means he belongs to an elite group of fund-raisers that have special rights and privileges in Washington, DC. Is it any wonder that FedEx was the exclusive carrier of the Bush administration? I wonder if most Republicans tend to see things Smiths way?

    Fred is closely allied with John McCain, and was mentioned as a possible Cabinet choice if McCain had won the election.

    There's more, but here's my main point. Fred Smith is a spoiled rich kid who has led a more or less charmed life. He is conservative to the core, and hates anything to do with unions, workers rights, or fair play. He is an elitist snob that has recieved special treatment for 36 years in the form of a gift called the RLA Exemption, which has given Fred an unfair competitive advantage and allowed him to pocket hundreds of millions in windfall profits. He sees his employees as units of production, and nothing else. Isn't it about time Fred Smith sees a bit of his privilege denied? Whatever happened to the concept of fair and open competition in this country? We shouldn't have "special" citizens like Smith who openly threaten lawmakers with the loss of their office should they dare to vote against him? JMO...
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    Isn't it strange that these facts that you've mentioned about Smith are well known, but he continues to be treated like some kind of hero and has a cult like following? It goes to show you how stupid we Americans can be sometimes.
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    America has loved the Kennedy's for generations and their history is much worse ... go figure.
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    I hope the PR people at FedEx are well paid, because they've been extremely successful at perpetuating the deification of Fred Smith. Kind of like the 20% pay cut that he took to appear compassionate that was strangely based on his "salary" of $1.5 million, not his total compensation of over $10 million.

    Misconceptions abound with this company, the most notable of which being that FedEx is not anti-union and that FedEx employees are well-payed. I can't tell you how many times I've had customers tell me, "That's why you get paid the big bucks," to which I respond, "They're not as big as you think."
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    Yes, it is strange. Technically, Fred isn't CEO any longer (Dave Bronczek is), but Smith still pulls the strings. He's anything but a hero.
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    You probably already know this, but the Kennedy's got wealthy by Joe Sr. running booze during Prohibition.
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    lol 12 bucks on hour woohoo,big bucks!!
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    And running stock scams prior to the 1929 crash. Many of the laws that were put in place after the 29 crash were a result of what Kennedy was doing ... that's why FDR put Joe Sr in charge of the commission that defined the new laws. What better way to stop a crook than with a crook as FDR said.
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    Technically, that statement is incorrect. Fred is still the CEO of FDX corporation. Which is the compilation of all 8 Fed Ex operating companies. Dave Bronczek is only the CEO of the Express division. The only hope that we have is due to the company by laws that state, "no member shall hold a board position after the age of 71 years." So, the only hope in this matter is that we will have to wait another 3 years. Could be the longest 3 of our lives...JMO.
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    True. I'm sure Fred could somehow arrange to have himself made an exception to the rule. Before he leaves he will have groomed a successor who is as tyrannical as he has been. I thought Smith was about he really 68?
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    I stand corrected. You are right. He was born in 1944. Also, the age now of mandatory retirement of a board member was raised to age 72...Go figure.
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    I doubt Smith will ever retire. He will have a hand in things until he drops.


    NO, he'll pull a Disney and have his body ceyogenically preserved so he can pressure us from here to eternity.
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    Ha..they can thaw him out every few years and make his lips move with CG effects so he can bring us PSP from beyond.