Kurt Kuehn Honored as "CFO of the Year"

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    Kurt Kuehn, UPS's chief financial officer since 2008 and a 34-year veteran of the company, today was named "CFO of the Year" by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

    Kuehn, 57, received the honor during an awards ceremony here. He was selected by the Chronicle and a judging panel assembled by the Atlanta Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, using such criteria as contributions to a company's growth, profitability, balance sheet management, leadership and contributions to the community.

    "Kurt has that intangible leadership demeanor that all who interact with him respect," said Michael Morrow, global engagement partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, who nominated Kuehn for the award. "Kurt gives his people and the market a sense of confidence when he speaks."

    As CFO, Kuehn is responsible for all activities related to accounting, finance, financial planning, taxes and treasury. He also is the liaison to the investor, finance and analyst community and is a member of the UPS Management Committee, comprised of the top 10 senior executives who oversee the company's day-to-day management.

    Prior to being named CFO, Kuehn was the senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing. He also served as UPS's first vice president of investor relations, taking the company public in 1999 through the largest U.S. initial public offering of the 20th century. Kuehn joined UPS in 1977 as a driver.
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    That's funny, the people around here wonder what slip is going to come out of his mouth next. The word is that he is the main person that drives many of the cutback in management costs within the company. He may be the most hated person within the management workforce and he drinks Dos Equus.
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