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    hey i have a question, I'm a laid off driver who still drives maybe once a week tops. when i'm not driving they put me on preload, then local sort, it sucks but at least i have a job. My problem is, there are p/t air drivers that still go out after preload. Don't i have more seniority to drive instead of them?, that way i could work 515 til 915 preload, then air drive til 1-2 in the afternoon?...I'm still in progression, so i do understand that they can split my shift, but can i still use my seniority to bump a p/t air driver?

    another question i have is a 14 hour rule, if you work preload, then local sort there is more then 14 hours from punch in to punch out, which makes me unable to drive the next day....i find it hard to believe because i didn't work 14 hours straight, i lagged out....does anyone know about this 14 hour dot law?
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    Don't know the answer to the 1st question.

    2nd Question. It's 14hours from punch to punch w/ a 10 hour layoff. Do the math of when you ended the prior day, to the next day. You must be off the clock for 10 hours.
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    in my supplement you can only bump part time if you have more company seniority than them. i doubt there are many air drivers with less than you (still in progression=under 2years?)
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    What are your air drivers doing to work till 1 or 2 in the afternoon?
    Commit is 10:30 for nextday airs right?
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    Wouldn't company seniority go back to pt seniority and depending on that will answer his question. He could have ten yrs. with the company and two Ft driving....
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    Are these air drivers 22.3s? you make it sound like they are.
  7. The way it's done here is they lay off 2-3 drivers Mon. Tues. and they also work preload, reload. They cut a route and then there are 3 routes that go out with 140-160.
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    In our supplement, the only way you can bump a P/T air driver is if you made seniority as an air driver when you were P/T. In other words, you can only bump a position if you had seniority in that position as a P/Ter. If you were hired off the street, you would only be able to bump non-skilled unloaders or loaders.

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    where i work, we have air commits of noon, in one town, the others are non commit but take a long time to drive there....maybe 1 hour or soo easy....the ground drivers leave before the plane lands so we have air drivers out everyday driving up to 150 miles delivering 30 packages to 5 towns
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    If you are driving "maybe once a week" you're not layed off.
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    Sure he is, 4 days a week.
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    I would file because as long as you are full time then you have seniority on ALL part timers. You need to show up for both shifts. We got a guy who whines and complains about the very same thing yet never shows up for preload which invalidates his grievance.

    The new bragged about pension mentions 1801 hours worked are needed for it so work BOTH shifts.

    Some guys even stay home 1-3 days per week and only drive full time on Thur-Fri. You need to work 156 reports AT your full time rate to get all vacation and sick days for 2010 AT the full time rate!
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    thats by supplement and as mentioned above in many areas thats simply not true...
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    In our center, a laid off driver who is called and asked to drive on, say a Tuesday, will be driving the rest of the week. So if you are laid off and working two split shifts, and they ask you to drive one day, you will be driving the rest of the week. That has been happening frequently at our place as volume is steadily inching up.

    So if you drive one day a week, aren't you driving the rest of the week?