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  1. HomeDelivery

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    ... with all the negative reviews about this company, why are they still growing?!?

    i saw a craigslist ad for a recruiting event today... a huge Amazon fullfillment center is being built in my state right now for the better part of last year.

    wondering if this little company would take a big chunk of the deliveries or would amazon hire real employee ~ couriers, not just for grocery delivery.
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    Why are they still growing? The answer is simple----cost. Put yourself in Amazon's shoes. They are barely breaking even so any steps they can take to save money will reflect positively on Wall Street.
  3. upschuck

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    We all have a ton of bad reviews. If you want a laugh, check out the Facebook page of the big 3, you will see absolute insanity.
  4. HomeDelivery

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    well, i'm waiting for the local amazon fulfillment center to finish building... it is only 13 miles from my house.
    the other location that's having a recruitment day is just too far for me right now (50-60 miles away)

    then i'll probably make a lateral move from one subcontractor to becoming my own business or be an employee-courier for amazon once they're established. (right now they're just hiring amazon warehouse management)

    from what i'm seeing, lasership is allowing a select amount of drivers to use their own personal vehicle for this type of delivery service (just increase liability limits to 100K/300K) & can really set their own schedule/start times... the recruiter didn't get back to me about becoming an LLC or Corp in the state yet, so im not in a rush to jump ship & carry my own expenses yet.

    since i already know how to do vehicle maintenance for the most part, that is cake for me. I'm also networking w/ the local fedex mechanic to look for good shops around the area, in case the vehicle breaks down.

    i'll probably get a transit connect to begin with. but, i'll wait & see... similar to that Shoprite grocery contractor is doing in my area we chat about in another thread.

    there's always going to be complainers about ups; but for the most part, it's not like 80% are negative feedback, like lasership.

    people only log onto websites to complain, but rare to see a customer call or write to the company for a complimentary service from their local driver. I've had my share of compliments, but alas, i'm just a swing/cover.
  5. HomeDelivery

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    well, i found another hub that was way closer to my house... but after checking online that the negative feedback was close to 99%, i'm not going to downgrade from what i'm doing now to this outfit...

    apparently, their standards are lower than FedEx Home Delivery/Ground :P

    funny that Amazon doesn't respond to all those negative feedback ratings on their own website.
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  7. HomeDelivery

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    :thumbsup: sup 407...

    check out their standard operating procedure for "driver releases"

    that driver had a helper & they're too lazy to walk it up?!?
  8. Monkey Butt

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    I know other people appear to have problems with LaserShip but over the last three months, they have beat UPS and FedEx in transit time, no beat up or damaged packages. The last month or so, the packages have been delivered in a white company van with branding and a uniformed driver.
  9. HomeDelivery

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    ah, it basically falls onto the local indie-contractor... just like RPS, cough, FedEx Home/Ground

    @ NYC. for example~ has not-so-good ratings because it's a hit-or-miss w/ drivers who doesn't give a damn & just DR in plain sight & on apt building hallways, where it's defenitely going to be stolen.

    i'm currently in a nicer part of town & their service is somewhat better (for now) when i look it up, hence why i'm on the fence w/ this regional company

    i'll wait n see how their regional fullfillment center will handle their logistics... i know that amazon will not rely on them primarily (they'll still use UPS/FedEx/USPS)
  10. upschuck

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    I ordered two things from amazon this week and both say that they were shipped Lasership, with a PO tracking number. I track on USPS site and it says "picked up by different carrier", or something like that, and delivered by PO. I don't live in a area serviced by Lasership, so I guess they have a service like Surepost. Never seen this before, so Lasership must be branching out.
  11. HomeDelivery

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    u live on the west coast?

    ontrac has you covered!

    LOL ~Amazon~ that's what you get for paying "bottom dollar" couriers!
  12. HomeDelivery

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    oh wait, here's a better one:

    LoL ~ bank shot!
  13. HomeDelivery

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    so go to your local craigslist transportation job section:

    type in "lasership" in the search field & see fo' yo-self:

    ugh, yea
    I'm Netting that much right now after taxes w/ my sub-contractor WWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTFFFFF

    so you need to establish your own corp/LLC ?!?
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    There's a huge market share out there right now. It's a prime time for someone else to jump into the game. Dhl should try and come back.
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    This is what smart post and sure post do. Which one would be worse? I could have snagged this one in 5 seconds, and so could 50 other cars.

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    yea, you think common sense would kick in if the box is too big for the mailbox... yikes