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    just wondering how other hubs and centers deal with the last day of a union person. our center you use to come in and get your cake and take youe empty car out and say good bye to your customers and call it a day. in the hub you would come in and get your cake and say good bye to youe co-workers. not anymore everyone comes in and works 8 plus hours and then drags their butt home thank-ful they did not get hurt on their last day.
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    Do not get your last day off anymore. Get some cake and a send-off in the morning. I will save a personal day for my last day so the limo can take me right to the tavern! BM
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    A shop steward in my building found a better job. He came to work on Friday and gave his two week notice. Went out and did his route, punched out, and went home.
    Over the weekend, the center manager leaves him a message on his answering machine saying basicly we don't need you, you're fired.
    He came in Monday with the BA and did work his last two weeks.

    Makes you proud to be an employee.
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    My center usually has a supe ride with the driver on his last day, the supe was his helper loading up all the pick up's while the driver loaded all the presents from greatful customers
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    One guy with 30 yrs got bagels w/no cream cheese, the smart ones came in and said good bye, and worked their last day with dignity. some never said a word never to be seen again. Some had parties sponsored by co workers, some self sponsored, Most never come back to visit as they say they will. Those are the smartest ones.
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    Here you don't get a damn thing. It's a shame. We had a couple of employees retire after 30 years of service...nothing. Yet we had a center manager get transfered, and the admin staff were asking for donations for a "special" NY Yankees jersey to give him.

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  7. Today was my last day after 30 years and the supt announced it this morn in am meeting...shook hands said have a good life.When the drivers started to say good by, he informed them that they had an area to run....dont you just love the good will.Tomorrow I sleep in for at least 10 more min......good luck to all on the board...
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    you dont have to go away...we still need your advice...things to do with plaques...
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    Congratulations sendagain!
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    Welcome to the retired life sendagain. If you're like me you'll get the urge when you see the brown truck, but just wait a few minutes, it goes away.
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    Congrats to you. It's not like that everywhere, you have, or had, a group of cheap and ungrateful slobs running your center. Thanks for all you have done, and have a super time getting to know your family again.
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    now you will have the time for that leisurely cup of coffee in the mornings

    Congrats !!
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    I wish you all the best and thanks for the 30 years as I know at times it was a pain in the kazoo. I hope your retirement is very long and very rewarding as IMO you deserve that and more.
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    BTW sendagain: Could you keep us working stiffs updated on the latest happenings with the Soap Operas!

    You'll now be graded not on SPORH but rather SPOCH. SoapOperas per on couch hour!
  15. wkmac,you are exactly right.I started on a few of those much needed honey do's today and found myself trying to see how fast i could get the job done.Wife informed me to slow down, i have the rest of my life to get it will take a while to key down to a normal day.I did see one of my friends making his deliverys this morn and waved at him, and he gave me the old one fingered sign and yelled "congrats"you gotta love em...will stay in touch.
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    sendagain-I was out on comp when I made the decision to retire. Wrote a letter to my manager as instucted by the union and since he was not in when I went to deliver it I left it on his desk. Never heard a word from him. Spoke to my on road supervisor a few days later and he was taken by surprise when I mentioned this to him, as he hadn't been told that I was retiring. Just got my final check for accrued vacation time and to my surprise it was direct deposited. Figured I would have to go in and get it and return my uniforms but now if they want the uniforms they can come get them. I miss my fellow drivers but don't even miss management. By the way the manager I turned in my letter to has been promoted to Division Manager. Go figure.
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    I was wondering if these folks getting 30 yrs in will be few and far between in the future.These folks started when weights of pkgs were lot differnt,and amount work given. mmmmmm?
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    We just had a guy retire friday...
    lets see.. nothing special, pretty low key guy

    preload gives em some gifts.. like a load
    with boxes taped to the shelf.. or loaded
    opposite sides... LOL

    las year someone retired and got a cake...
    hardly touched it. cause as you know.. a cake doesn't sit well in the stomach before a marathon.
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    congrats sendagain.
    now you enjoy life. retired 6 years ago sept 1. love every min of it. keep in touch