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    Indeed, not a bad idea.

    I do think some people will be bothered about the privacy concerns - consider, for example, that the right to privacy is not contingent upon having paid your taxes. I can understand that, but from a practical perspective, it would seem that there's a case to be made that if you don't pay your taxes, perhaps you are forfeiting a part of your privacy rights? Don't know.

    Maybe we can have a version of this law for corporations, too - don't pay your taxes, company executives can't fly.
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    The problems I see with a law like this is that #1 you don't need a PP to fly, just a gov issued ID. #2 you don't need a PP to leave the USA, just to get back in #3 PPs are good for ten years.
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    Every state lottery winner gets a look over by the local tax units; child support payments due, etc.
    So how would this be any different ?
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    I'm surprised you folks don't have that law yet !
    Here the passport will be witheld owning the government any kinds of money (child support, taxes, outstanding fines/court fines).

    To trinkle pinkle, yes, you do need to show a passport on all international flights, at check in !
    Trust me, I flew from Florida, California, Mexico, Cuba, return a lot. Can't get pass the check-in point without a valid passport !

    And passports these days all get scanned.
    So, even if the validation date is still good in writing, does not mean it's good at the scanning point !
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    Kleenex, I stand corrected, the laws have changed since I last went to Mexico or Canada, and neither was flying, However I didn't specify air travel. The State Dept estimates that only 37% of Americans have passports.
    However one can indeed leave the US without a passport....closed loop cruises is one example. If someone wants to leave the country legally and avoid paying their taxes, the lack of a PP will not stop that from happening, and THAT was my point.
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    Well, maybe Mexico will let you in without a passport.
    Canada could theoritically let you you cross our border, without a passport.
    We don't require US citizens to have a passport to enter Canada.

    The problem lies, with the US government. They won't let you back into the States without showing a passport.
    Therefor, Canadian Border guards, have been adviced not to let US citizens cross the border without a passport, since they have no way returning back home without one.
    So, you can't come here without a PP.
    Loop cruises, where you don't see land or land on land ? Sure, no PP needed...
    One to jump off one , and swim ? Good luck !
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    I said that you could leave but you couldn't come back. The way Canada does it makes sense and I would hope that Mexico would do the same, but as you pointed out...legally, a US citizen can go to Canada without a PP.

    Closed loop cruises such as the one the BC group took last year, one did not have to have a PP, just a gov issued ID, although going on one without the PP isn't a good idea, it's perfectly legal to do so. We left the ship, took a swim and got back on her in four ports and never showed a PP. No luck needed. My wife and I were never asked for a PP.
    The type cruise you described is called a "cruise to nowhere" that has no ports of call.
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    An enhanced drivers license may be used in place of a passport.
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    I'm still waiting for one of those ! Not available in all states and provinces. Not here in Alberta, anyways. British Columbia has them though, and 1 or 2 other provinces, I believe. And they are only good for Canada-USA travel (maybe Mexico), but nowhere overseas.

    The olden days (prior 9/11), were much better.
    Just a drivers licence or a birth certificate got us across the border and even to Mexico.
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    I drove to the border with Mexico, walked across had a beer and walked back, the guard just asked if I was a citizen. I said yes, and he said ok. I showed him my state issued drivers license as proof.
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