Layoffs- Working Inside And Collecting Unemployment

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by fishingguy1, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. fishingguy1

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    I'm a 3 year driver am wondering if there are layoffs the contract say we have 2 options.

    1)Take a full layoff and collect unemployment, about $550/week but no health insurance.

    2)Work inside morning and night at about $12 ($480/week) and keep health insurance.

    My question is has anyone choose option 2 and collected unemployment insurance also? Since option 2 is a partial layoff any moneys that are not made by working inside should be able to collect the difference by unemployment.

    Example: 40 hours inside at a pay rate of $12 = $480
    But since that is less than $550 , $550-$480=$70
    So I think $70 can be collected in unemployment that week

    I've seen this at other work places but not here at UPS
  2. raceanoncr

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    Check your state unemployment regulations on that. Each state is different. Here, you can work up to just short of half of what your unemployment would be and you can collect the rest. You work $1 over that amount and you just get the amount you worked, no additional.

    One thing to remember, tho, is this: Don't cheat the state or Fed. They will go after you with a vengeance.
  3. UPSGUY72

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    I know in MA you can make 1/3 of your benefit rate. Above that they take it away from your benifits.

    If you got $600 a week in benifits you could make $200 .

    But if made $220 you would only get $580 in umeployment benefits.

    You should check your state uneployment rules.

    I just got layed off today going to start working preload tomorrow since I'm still in my progression I'm only garanteed 3.5 hrs. I should be able to get full benefits while working part time. Probably take home just about the same as I was when working full time.
  4. feederdriver06

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    Yes driver......I have worked part time and collected partial unemployment. Did it back in January of 1996 and January 1997. And your example formula above is correct - you get the difference between your partial unemployment rate and your earnings for the week. It wasn't a bad gig and my insurance was kept current.
  5. redsox21

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    Your guaranteed 8 hours. You've been driving 3 years, so that puts you at top rate in pay. So if you go inhouse to work you are supposed to make whatever top rate is in house, which is like 22.00 or 23.00 $ Then you can keep your insurance. You should look into it cause your about to get screwed.
  6. yurgref

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    Article 3 - Section 4 - Paragraph 3 " Rate of pay will be based on Company Seniority and the classification of the work the employee performs"
  7. fishingguy1

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    The layoffs haven't really started in our building but was told when they happen I'm probably safe. But we all have been lied to before, so I just wanted to know my options. I'm sure other are thinking the same so that's why I started this thread. My question now is my pay if I have to work inside. Is it the same as a preloader and unloader or closer to what ever the top pay in house $21-$22. Working inside for 8 hours even if split up really isn't part time and if it is wouldn't there be overtime after 4 hours per day.
  8. gandydancer

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    I was on unemployment when I started working for UPS and half my UPS pay was subtracted from my unemployment check, which therefor continued for more weeks since I never did reach my maximum benefit before running into maximum weeks. This was back in '88-'89, in California.