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  1. Pollocknbrown

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    As layoffs are pretty much imminent at my hub, i was curious, when they lay people, do they go off the hub senority list or the shift seniority in which they are gonna lay people off from (the night sort is dying while the twi/ pre are fine here).
  2. Fnix

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    When you get laid off do they rehire you back when they need you? Or cant you ever come back?
  3. brownrodster

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    Lay off happens when they have too many people. You work when they need you. You call in everyday to see if they need you. This happens when things slow down.

    FAVREFAN Member

    Great question. Hopefully someone chimes in with info.
  5. Big Babooba

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    If you have seniority, they have to take you back in order of seniority.
  6. 705red

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    If you get layed off it is usually a certain department. As in feeder when its time to lay off they layoff the junior fulltimer (all of your ftime years count package, 22.3 etc). Now you have the right to sit at home and collect un-employment but you do not gain any pension credit in doing so. So usually people just bump the next lower junior ftimer porter, package etc. Now if you dont have enough seniority to do so then you can bump two partimers at your part time rate(total years of service would be calculated) so unless your a pre 1982 hire it would be a pay cut.

    Now if its a partimer on the twilight that gets cut, if he/she has more seniority than someone else on another shift they can exercise their seniority and bump that junior employee.

    If layoffs do happen, you must not turn a blind eye to supervisors working. Why should they be allowed to do our work when we have layoffs? This is one way of insuring the layoffs wont be long, but if you allow the company to work you might be displaced for some time.

    We are in our heavy vacation schedule right now, easter thru labor day so i cant see how they plan to layoff. Jan thru now is when it usually happens but not typically the spring and summer months.
  7. Pollocknbrown

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    Thats the funny thing 705, they just hired 2 new pt supes out of the blue (not PT hourlies promoted, hired off the street), none of the supes quit, and they are threatening layoffs if the nite vol doesnt pick up. They have been cutting feeder routes and the drivers have been taking inside PT jobs.
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    When I first went full-time I was usually laid off on Mondays so I'd work different combinations of part-time jobs to get my 8 hours. I did preload/air. Preload/Local Sort. Air/Local Sort. Sometimes I even did Preload/Air/Part of Local Sort if I was shy of getting 8 hours. Sometimes I just worked hours only if that happened. One thing that never changed though was my pay rate. I always got driver pay for all those hours. Before this had started happening I had asked our steward and other drivers what my pay would be during layoffs and I got three or four different answers. I think that you have to be laid off a certain amount of time to go back down to hub pay. Or maybe it depends on what region you work in. The only thing that is certain in my area is that we get driver pay for one or two days of working inside.
  9. 705red

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    When we have layoffs here its usually for weeks or months. I have not heard of someone being laid off for one day (does not mean it hasnt happened).Typically we will take RLO's and let the junior drivers get some work, this has seem to workout since we have had no layoffs. In my center any swing guy can work because wehave alot of senior drivers just buying time to retirement and will go home anytime they can.

    Another reason we probably have not had layoffs all the grievances on sups working. While alot of sups have started working again on the preload and twilight our on-car sups do not brown up and go out to deliver anymore.

    Utilize the 9.5 language and dont get discouraged, the company has been draggig out our 9.5s all year so far i my building, but when they get paid the stock will definetly suffer.
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    Seeing how this is happening this year @ your hub, it definitly goes by shift senority.
  11. JonFrum

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    The rules governing layoffs, bumping rights, pay rates, etc. should be spelled out in your Supplement, and vary somewhat from one Supplement to another.
  12. thelus

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    i do believe red that if you "bump" some one in 705 you stay at your current rate. which brings up the point a feeder driver at CACH can bump 2 pt's and make feeder pay bagging smalls XD
  13. thom1842

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    I work PT Air Driver here and there are a bunch of us who are calling in everyday are we considered "layed off" or "on call"?

    Also, if we are told our driving jobs are eliminated can we go back to the sort at the expense of the junior member? And if hired back as a driver would we need to go through the progression again?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I can hardly sleep some nights worrying about losing my insurance and school benefits.:sad-very:
  14. SoyFish

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    "I work PT Air Driver here and there are a bunch of us who are calling in everyday are we considered "layed off" or "on call"?"

    Ohhhh wow, now I'm wondering if I am actually on call and not layed off seeing how I am calling in everyday. Not sure what the difference would be between the two.

    Even though thinking about it, the staffing sheet at work has everyone that has to call in under the "layoffs" column when they don't work though.
  15. thom1842

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    That's probably what it is then. Our managers aren't smart enough to label the columns people fall under I guess.
  16. gandydancer

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    Read JonFrum's post. We don't all work under the same contracts. Where is "here"? If you know, what contracts are you under?
  17. FreddyT

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    Dear fellow upser,

    You seem to understand the way things work in this time of layoffs. I'd like to see if you may know of a solution to my situation.

    I was a fulltime package car driver for 13 years before taking a 22.3 inside-inside position. A year later I decided to return to package car driver and lost all seniority. Now due to layoffs I have been working split shifts, and will be bumping a 22.3 combo driver. Under your contract, do 22.3's lose all of their fulltime seniority if they return to package car driver? I work in the southern region Local 79, and am trying to find anyone who may have had this same type of situation.
  18. UnsurePost

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    I can't look up your regions supplement online, the 'net link is broken/dead.
    Up here in NE you never lose F/T seniority bidding out of classification, but other regions are different.
  19. Baba gounj

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    This is true.
  20. 705red

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    Freedy i agree with sleeve here. That is wothout reading your language. Here we hace two classifications for lay offs. Part time seniority and full time seniority.

    Heres a question you should ask, if a package car driver goes feeder does his full time seniority carry with him in case of feeder lay offs? It should!