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    I've seen a few posts with the word "layoff" thrown around. I am not referring to seasonal employees at UPS but either f/t or p/t perm employees. When these layoffs occur, are they permanent or are they temporary (similar to a furlough)? Or are these f/t employees sent to the hub for p/t work?
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    It probably depends on your local supplement. In my area laid off full time employees can bump 2 part-timers, for 8 hrs of work. In reality with the turnover in the hub, I don't believe any part-timers actually get laid off as a result.
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    In our center the preload is overstaffed. They sent people home almost every day during peak. Now that volume will drop there just won't be enough work for all.
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    There is always a drop off of volume after Peak Season, the fact that we pretty much don't make pickups on Christmas Eve has a ripple effect throughout the system. It slows down a lot and the lowest seniority will usually get laid off. WhenI first made it into driving, I was usually laid off for a couple of days since I was on the bottom of my Center's seniority list. The last two years it seems like we got slammed hard right after Christmas, we were actually using Helpers then. I am guessing because people were buying stuff online with gift cards, so I am thinking that this trend will continue.
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    My supe told me to stay home today ( monday Dec. 27 ) because my route was cut and " you don`t like running blind area`s " and I replied Dude, I`m high senority in my loop so I`ll see you monday! :happy-very:
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    X-Mas eve night and back to their old tricks!!:dissapointed:
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    So it seems these layoffs are temporary. Glad to hear as I thought some maybe permanent.
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    This is the truth and mark my words, peak isn't over.
    In my state the company and the union have agreed to extend the helper language for an additional two weeks.
    I'm enjoying a scheduled day off myself today with expectation of another two or three weeks of peak.