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    So, I took the day off school to wait for my TV to be delivered. UPS attempted a delivery yesterday but no one was home. So, today I waited until 12pm until I heard a truck up outside. Looked and it was UPS. I watched the truck for a few minutes and waited for a call (they called for the first attempt). After about 3-5 minutes I decide to head downstairs (I live in the 3rd foor of a walkup apt) and the UPS truck pulls away. Check the door and there's no sticker. About a half hour later I check my tracking number and they said they made an attempt but no one was home.

    When I read this I was livid. I took the day off for this package and the driver made no attempt to get out of his truck to delivery it. I'm guessing he saw that it was a TV and said "F--- it. I'ts raining and I dont want to carry a TV to this guy's door." Which I totally understand but when it's your job and people's money and purchases on the line you suck it up and do it. The weird thing is the tracking info says this was also the 1st attempt, so there are two 1st attempts shown.

    I can't be home tomorrow for the final delivery which means I'll have to trek to the Maspeth location, which conveniently is not near any subway or bus line. I've been to this place before and it's worse than the DMV, so I'll have to wait an hour or two to pick up my package, a big TV, and lug it through the rain for a half a mile to a bus. Or I'll have to pay $50 for car service.

    Is there anyway I can get them to redeliver it today? I called customer service and they just told me they put in some urgent report or something that just sounded like lip service. I'm really frustrated and this is the second time this has happened out of a total of 4 packages I've had sent UPS in the last year. I can provide the tracking number if needed.
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    google the address of your building, it will give you the local phone number. Call that and tell them you need an attempt, and tell him you will watch for the truck, so no one steals the note....tell them you cant carry it from building. Tell them you wont be home tomorrow, you stayed home today, thats what I would do. If in fact everything you say is true, you did not get a real attempt. But I have had people say the same thing and it was not the truth. Not saying you are lying, but thats how I would handle it.
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    Thanks for the reply. The only number I've been able to find listed with the Maspeth facility was the US customer service number
    (800)742-5877, which I mentioned calling in my OP. If anyone out there has the number it would be greatly appreciated.
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    IF you can not get the local number, call the national number, and talk to a live person. Ask for their name, and explain the situation to them. Tell them you have to have it delivered today, and that you watched them stop at your place, but no one came. Tell them you want a call back today from their supervisor. Make sure you get them to understand that you will be issuing a customer complaint if they do not redeliver it, and demand to get your shipping charges back.

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    I know some drivers, mostly cover drivers who know they are only covering a trip for one day, will just sheet a stop as ni1 to save time. Not good practice and certainly not good for business. I ain't perfect, but I do think every package should get a legit attempt.
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    I agree with all above, and I know the center number is a big secret, but mine shows up when I google the addy.
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    I would call 1-800-PICKUPS and make a formal complaint and ask for it to reattempted today. If we have a lazy driver that doesn't want to get out of his package car to make a real honest to goodness delivery attempt then his manager needs to hear about it. You can't judge from the parking lot if the consignee is home. If he didn't leave a delivery notice and ring the doorbell, he isn't doing his job. Most of our drivers do an excellent job, but there are a few who need to be weeded out.
  8. kingOFchester

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    Wonder if this is a bonus center?
  9. hellfire

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    id say no,, most likely a non bonus union needy people center
  10. Tim Eagle

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    call with a p/u, he will have to come back and cancel the p/u when he comes.:sick:
  11. over9five

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    It should have been sheeted ECoN.....
  12. DorkHead

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    It is possible the regular driver was not working today. Instead you got a cover driver who knows he won`t be on the same route tomorrow. Call those numbers.
  13. iruhnman630

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    Is it possible the driver went to the wrong apartment?
  14. probellringer

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    we are all working late these days....probably a cover driver (substitute for regular guy)...what town are you in..i can get you a local number
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    Very surprised it wasn't sheeted as known closed, or no such street, need apt #.