Leaders Tell FedEx CEO to Protect Middle Class Jobs

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    Workers, Clergy, Community Leaders Tell FedEx CEO to Protect Middle Class Jobs[
    PR Newswire
    Posted: 2009-02-11 17:15:00
    Hundreds Chant, Hold Signs In Support Of FedEx Workers Seeking to Join the Teamsters

    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Workers, clergy and community leaders in Los Angeles told FedEx CEO Fred Smith that dwindling benefits, higher out-of-pocket medical costs, the loss of pensions and 401(k) compensation has put FedEx workers on the verge of slipping from the middle class.

    Clergy and community members were joined by workers at Town hall Los Angeles on Feb. 10, where Smith was the guest speaker. Smith spoke about the view from "Commerce Street." The workers, clergy and community members spoke of the view from "Main Street."

    The view is not pretty, with many of the workers struggling to make ends meet. FedEx enjoys revenues surpassing $36 billion annually with operating profits estimated to be $2.9 billion. In contrast to FedEx's good public reputation, the corporation has a history of manipulating regulations, exploiting weak labor laws and undermining workers' freedom of association.

    In 1996, Smith used his company's influence with the U.S. Senate to exempt Federal Express from the labor laws that govern "like companies". By effectively obtaining a "special deal" for Federal Express from lawmakers, the workforces' fundamental right to association was summarily limited. The "special legislation" puts the workers at FedEx under the jurisdiction of the Railway Labor Act. Under this law, workers are allowed to organize only in national units, instead of locally. This has made the formation of a union at FedEx more difficult. The workers have been trying to form a union with the Teamsters.

    During the Town hall question and answer period, Rev. Margaret McCauley of Holy Nativity Episcopal Church told Smith she was concerned about the well being of workers whose wages and benefits were being cut.

    "My question is, if you are truly committed to building the middle class in Los Angeles, then why have you taken away pensions and diminished benefits from FedEx employees, which threaten to remove them from the middle class?" McCauley asked.

    Alicia Wilson, a student and an intern at CLUE LA (Clergy & Laity for Economic Justice Los Angeles), reminded Smith of the Blue Ribbon Commission hearing held here in December that focused on keeping FedEx workers in the middle class. The hearing was co-sponsored by CLUE LA, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

    "The hearing's commissioners are producing a final report which will contain a number of recommendations they believe will aid your workforce in maintaining a middle class life," Wilson told Smith. "Would you be willing to engage in meaningful dialogue with them regarding the recommendations?"

    Smith told Wilson "I can't promise you that I personally will engage on it, but if you want to e-mail me something and have us look at it, we'll certainly consider it."

    While Smith spoke inside, chants from outside the venue could be heard from outside. Workers, clergy and community leaders held signs and chanted "Save the middle class," "Give us back our pension," "Fred must go," and "Give back what you took."

    "I have witnessed a pattern of steadily declining benefits at FedEx. With the stroke of a pen, and with little warning and no input or discussion from employees, FedEx changed our retirement plan," said Dan Forrand, a Senior Aircraft Maintenance Technician in Los Angeles.

    Smith's view from Commerce Street has meant the company has systematically and illegally misclassified workers in California and across the nation as owner-operators. That has meant that FedEx has avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes.

    SOURCE International Brotherhood of Teamsters

    Note: I don't normally post whole articles but I made an exception for this one.
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    Tell your International Brotherhood of Teamsters to mind their own business and stay out of FedEx. They have hurt so many companies.
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    Thank you for posting this, Hoaxter. I wasn't aware that such a protest had happened in LA. At last, we are finally starting to see some movement towards recognizing what Smith has been doing for a very long time. The jig is almost up for Fred, and the new political environment is going to make his brand of "leadership" difficult to sustain.

    And yes, we are gradually being moved out of the middle class while the one-percenters (like Smith) retain and control ever-increasing amounts of wealth, even in a deep recession.

    FedExAllThe Way worships at the altar of Smith, as she probably does with Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and Hannity. All of these people think the same way Smith does, and would like nothing better than to support him by calling unions "socialist", praising Fred as a "great captain of industry", and wrapping themselves in the flag at every opportunity.

    Smith is a greedy piece of scum who has sucked his people dry at every opportunity. 2009 is going to see a major shift in power back to the workers, and when the economy recovers Smith will have his hands full.
  4. Unfortunately the majority of Fedex employees are scared little sheep with this lousy economy.I for one will continue my pro union stance and rigorously fight for unionization of Fedex.Fred Smith and the Board of Directors and the rest of the upper managerial team do not care about any of the workforce.They will continue to strip us of our dignity and benefits until we unionize.As I have stated in previous posts FDX stock is now below 47 dollars a share and will continue to fall due to the mismanagement of Fedex by Fred Smith and his henchmen.My co-workers and friends are so glad we dumped all of our stock at 108 dollars a share.
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    Since you have dumped all of your stock - dump yourself right out of FedEx! Unhappy greedy people (i.e., MrFedEx) who have been given a job and still have one in this lousy economy should not have the pleasure of working with FedEx.

    It is very sad that MrFedEx has to stoop to calling people names! No, I don't praise Fred Smith, but like I am sure many others, am very grateful for him having employed so many people through the years.

    So my words to you and MrFedEx are if your not happy, please get yourself another job. In this economy - you wouldn't have a difficult time finding one!!!!! LOL.
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    Hey fedexalltheway

    How you feel about unionizing fedex with the Teamsters?
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    When we finally go union, she'll be sentenced to the rubber biscuit room down at the local home.
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    anyone remember rubber biscuit

    Blues Brothers - Rubber Biscuit
  9. I honestly believe it[He/She] is already in it.A prerequisite for all Fedex management is a frontal lobotomy.This person has to be a Fedex manager because no rational person can honestly believe all the B.S that Fred Smith spews out from his lying lips.The newest Pravda mailout [From the Chairman] is so full of doublespeak and inconsistencies that Fred must think that all of the employees are as dumb as the management at Fedex.He talks about saving on fuel costs and operating costs.Then why do we have so many corporate jets.Sell the jets and use a commercial airline.Do we honestly need all these CEO,CFO,Presidents and Vice Presidents and their outrageous salaries.Our engineers cut the hours of part time employees who are not at or near or will never get to top pay and the full time employees who are at top pay get 2 to 3 hours overtime or more per day.That is only 3 of the many falsehoods stated by Fred Smith in his last mailout.It is time for UNIONIZATION and the ousting of Fred Smith and the majority of the Board of Directors.
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    I believe the UFO's are coming back for you...ready for another rectal probe/satellite dish?
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    How many times do I have to repeat myself to you guys - (I guess I have to continue telling you - because morons like you just don't get it!) I am married to a man who works for FedEx.
    Right on! Let us all get Fred Smith out and put you in! Way to go! Can't wait to see that happen. Also can't wait for unionization to help FedEx employees like they helped the auto industry and years ago Eastern Airlines. Get your head out of your a-- and back to realty of life - have you seen the jobless claims rate recently!
    Get a grip and stop complaining - You only wish it was you that created the FedEx empire.
    Go ahead keep calling me names - no problem!
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    I don't care about this argument that you usually involve yourself in, but it is a little disconcerting to see how much the knee pads on you, registered to Fred Smith, are worn.
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    Actually, the aliens are looking for FedexAllThe Way. She escaped several years ago and they couldn't complete the removal of the other half of her brain. If she isn't returned Xatar will destroy our economy and replace our leaders with babbling idiots who will lead us to our doom. Oh wait...that's already happened, hasn't it?
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    Same goes for this thread!

    Discussion can be animated, which is fine, but we do not welcome personal attacks, on- or off-site. It is inappropriate to say anything on a discussion forum about any individual or entity that you would not be prepared to say to them face-to-face.

    It is fine to disagree with a different viewpoint, but please limit this to challenging the idea and not make your comments a personal challenge or make derogatory personal comments about individuals, their ideas or their situation. The latter is considered to be a flame and will not be tolerated.

    NO FLAMES PLEASE!!:happy2:
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    MrFedEx has (from the start of all this) included my husband and children on his posts and that is why I'm challenging him back. I have told him over and over that it's between the two of us, not my family. He has more than once brought my children in it (not right).

    My point to him is if it is so bad at FedEx - get out and get another job.
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    Anyone that works for fedex and votes for the union will be very dissatisfied the union would do nothing but ruine a good place to work.
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    I agree family should be tabboo

    i would be upset if someone was talking about my wife and kids

    keep it between us leave them out of it
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    Here's a bit of logic for you. You don't work for FedEx, but your husband does.He, therefore, is the probable source of your mis-information. That is why he is relative to our "discussions". In your early posts, you bragged that "your kids went to a prestigious private school" and that "your husband was a very important manager". I can't send my kids to a prestigious private school because my income has been cut-back so drastically, even before the current economic crisis. That is the only time I've mentioned your children, which is contextual in nature, and not an attack on them personally. I'm sure they're great kids.

    You can't seem to understand such simple concepts, so, once again, I've spelled it out for you in clear and concise terms. In many ways, trying to have an intelligent debate with you is analogous to me trying to have a conversation with my dog. He really doesn't understand what I'm saying, and he's only capable of very simple answers..."woof", or sometimes
    "growl".. Please try to respond with something other than your typical inane droning about how wonderful FedEx is. It would be refreshing.
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    Just one question. If the teamsters are so bad why do UPS drivers get paid more than the express guys and UPS still has lots of cash reserve and not FedEx.