Legal Age to drive company equipment

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  1. kelsokid18

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    Disclaimer: Yeah, I searched on this topic first, most of the threads were ancient, and didn't want to stink the joint up with necroposts.

    It seems to me that there is an age difference as far as what age you can drive Package Cars and Freight Trucks (I wonder if this applies to Feeder as well)

    Package Cars: 21 years of age to drive
    Freight: 23.5 years of age to drive

    What's the difference? One side of UPS will trust you at 21, while the other one doesn't? Insurance set up differently?
  2. ikoi62

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    21 for a package car because they are easier to drive.
    23.5 for a feeder because they want 2 1/2 years experience. driving a tractor and trailer.
  3. kelsokid18

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    *wants to move into package cars, but doesn't have a good trace to that*
  4. City Driver

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    UPS Freight is 21 to be a city driver 23 road driver
  5. kelsokid18

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    Thanks for clearing that up CD, thats part of the reason I asked this. I still haven't had any straight answers on driver training past me asking if I can start to learn on my own time, and them telling me to buzz off and get back to load/unload before they decide to let me go.

    Maybe I should investigate heading over to parcel, sticking it out on a local sort for a while, and working my way into browns.
  6. City Driver

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    i still dont understand where you got the idea they train dockworkers to become drivers, unless they do it different there

    overnite did it years ago but right now its get your CDL on your own time
  7. kelsokid18

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    Okay, let me clear that up for you.

    I had a discussion with my Operations Manager about 2 or 3 weeks after starting, and I asked how I could get ahead. He told me that I could take the driver way up, or do the management program. I mentioned wanting to drive, his exact words were "Go get your CDL instruction permit, and we'll put you with a driver to learn how, and UPS will provide a truck and trailer for you to test in"

    That's how I got to that......unless my manager is still stuck on OVNT.
  8. City Driver

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    im not saying you wont, you are completely across the country from me im sure things are different, but that dont happen here

    its in the contract that they have to let you take the CDL test in there equipment, and i believe its also in the contract that they are to let you practice with company equipment, but the only way you can get trained here is if you can find a driver who is willing to work with you off the clock, which is a long shot......only kid who did it here was a city drivers son so thats how he did it

    either way good luck, did u get your permit yet?
  9. kelsokid18

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    I did get my permit, it was cake in Washington, I just had to go take a General Knowledge test and score 85% on it to win. I took it twice, I missed the first time by 1 point, and then made sure I had it down pat the second time.
  10. dragracer66

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    drivers here have to use a vacation week to learn
  11. cachsux

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    This should probably be clarified. UPS will let you behind the wheel at these ages. Your ability to "DRIVE" is another matter.
  12. hdtvtechno

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    at my UPS center UPS provides the trucks to practice with