Let go before making the union? Getting first week's pay/union initiation back.

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    I worked as a preloader for a month until a week and a half ago my head supervisor called me into his office to tell me that if I didn't get better at the job by Friday they would have to let me go on Friday. I found this odd as I was always early, was well-behaved, and was trying hard to get better at the job. Well Friday came and I was let go even though in those 2 days I had a better PPH and less misloads than I had been having. What I'm wondering about is for the last 2 weeks I was working there they took out $35 a week for union initiation even though I never took an oath at the end of my 30 days. My last week's paycheck there was no charge but I was wondering how I would get that $70 back plus my first week's pay from working there?
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    That's horrible. I just joined the union last week, fortunately. I haven't been here for a long time, so I don't think I can give you a good answer. If I were you, I would get a hold of my lawyer and contact the labor department. My cousin used to be a driver at UPS and sued them for a lot of money and won. First, I would talk to the HR first, then discuss it with the FT supervisor or manager. If they don't do anything about it, contact your lawyer and department of labor. I know it was the union that deduct the money, but you still can hold UPS accountable for it. Because you didn't give UPS permission to make a third party deduct money out of YOUR hard earned money.
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    This is funny stuff---thank you for the laugh this morning.

    To the OP---you need to call your local union hall and request a refund of the $70. You will receive your final paycheck next Friday. UPS is not for everyone.
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    I never took an oath. On my 30th day I sent in the paperwork for the union, and day 31 was my first day of seniority. I'm not sure if your local does it any differently. Call your union. If you had seniority, paid dues and were technically in the union, you could take the termination to arbitration, and try to get your job back, however if they let you go, they don't want you there, and if they were forced to bring you back you'll have a really rough time making a career out of UPS. your best bet would be to do what Upstate said and get your dues back.

    I guess you could try to sue UPS for a wrongful termination, but it sounds like you were still on your 90 day probationary period. They can fire you for just about anything then. Our facility seems to run it as tryouts. They will hire 3 people, as the weeks go on they will stop calling one or two in, and only let the hardest worker make his seniority date.

    Good luck on your job search! I hope you find something that will fit you best.
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    My local waives initiation fees for new part-timers, so I'm a little unfamiliar with how it works. I'm assuming they aren't deducted until you attain seniority. Does your pay stub say "Union Initiation Fee" and "Union Dues"?

    While it varies from region to region, you generally attain seniority by having 30 working (not calendar) days within a 90-day period. If you attained seniority, you cannot be arbitrarily dismissed or terminated. If you were charged an initiation fee and never attained seniority, your local should refund this money. If you need help finding your local, reply or inbox me with your city.

    And just some side commentary: why is it always preloaders getting axed before they make book? This almost never happens in the hub unless the employee simply stops coming to work or walks out mid-shift. I've seen some truly horrendous employees (and I usually don't make value judgements on another union member's work ethic) make book in the hub. Is it the lack of available work and the high turnover rate?

  6. Your money is gone, you have no possibility of getting a refund. I recommend you finish paying your Union Initiation fee, then give us a visit at your Local and we can facilitate your rehire with UPS.

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    ^^He's right, you know. ::gasp:: At least the first sentence, not sure about the second.

    What nagboy just experienced hits me almost like a unionized scam, but I'm sure that's just my cynicism getting the best of me... It would be, in my opinion, most ethical of IBT to issue a reimbursement in cases like these, but I'm fairly confident that you and your money are now the victim of a "No Returns" policy.

    When do new meat get one of these magnets? I still don't have one... :anxious:
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  10. Money not refundable, otherwise all December Driver Helpers would also be reimbursed. "I'm talk'n Millions N****, I'm talking Millions."

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    Just a reminder, nearly everything you've posted here can be construed as belitting, insulting, and derogatory. I say we let the Terms of Service sort it out the way you let them fight your forum battles for you here.

    I like how you're finding a way to demean without explicit statements, though. Your antagonism is certainly evolving here, I can say that for sure.
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    I worked at the St.Paul (Eagan), MN Hub. Was looking over my paychecks and I guess I did get my last paycheck, still didn't get the $70 in initiation fees back though. If you could get me the number of the union that'd be great.

  16. sure thing, 1-877-407-local

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    The money most certainly is refundable.
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    I would think UPS would have to give you back your money, if you did not fill out an authorization for them to take out the money from your check.
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    You're covered by Teamsters Local 120. The phone number is 763-267-6120; dial the number, stay on the line (do not enter an extension), tell the "operator" why you're calling and he/she will direct you to the right person.
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    Where I work, historically if an employee is willing to work the job, it's theirs regardless of performance (unless they have severe attendance issues, consistently misloads 20+ packages, etc.) This year management is being more "picky" with who it's willing to retain. We've had several hires in the last six weeks dismissed because they weren't fast enough loading or unloading, had too many misloads, had a single no call, no show, etc. They weren't even tried in alternate areas. To compensate, we have multiple supervisors working every single day. So while I'm uncertain, this may be happening in greater frequency nationally.

    But I am surprised it's happening in the MSP area. MSP has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, including among young adults that UPS so covets.