Lets all make sure we make our last stop...

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    There was a driver in a center near here, hit by a semi truck pulling a fuel tanker trailer yesterday. Both Driivers were very lucky to escape serious injury.

    Remember friends, no package is more important than your safety. Be always aware!!!!
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    Thank you GR! We should never take anything for granted.
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    We should all be aware of making the final stop. Driver in Florence SC lost his life in a personal auto crash. You don't give it much thought until it strikes close to home.
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    At our morning meeting they said our driver didn't see the oncoming tanker, turning in front of it. The tanker, they said, ripped the entire front, including the engine, from our vehicle, and then the tanker ended up in a pond. In a true miracle, our driver wasn't seriously hurt. Just a second of inattentiveness can cost a driver not only their career, but their life and the lives of others. One has to be perfect, every single minute behind the wheel.
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    Our center is in the same state as the accident occurred. We had a pcm in our center yesterday about this accident including pictures. The only thing left in the front of the truck was the seat. It seems a miracle the driver is even alive. According to our manager the only thing that could not be found was the diad board, so they have come to the conclusion that the driver was looking at his diad while making the turn. There are alot of things that could have happened that only the 2 drivers and the good lord above know about. From what we have heard, the driver does not remember the accident. I guess my problem is the manager has already found the driver guilty of diad by driving with no proof other then it can not be found. Dirty windows , sun just right, truck in blind spot when left right left,late commits,over dispatch??????? Does this seem to bother anyone else???
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    A little over a year ago I was going down an Interstate, passing a vehicle, when an oncoming car crossed the median, crossed in front of me, striking the car I had just passed head on. If I hadn't see the oncoming car the instant it entered the median, and took evasive actions, she would have hit me head on. The impact of the two cars hitting was unbelievable, it showered my package car with plastic debris. Both drivers were air lifted from the scene. We have to be perfect every second behind the wheel. Yes, it does bother me, every day. Quite a bit.
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    Just because they cant find the DIAD after a violent crash like that doesn't mean he was looking at it. Look how far they can bounce when you drop one from just 4 ft. Imagine how far they can bounce when hit by a tanker truck. It's probably in the pond where the tanker landed. The manager should call in Mike Nelson he'll find it.
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    Dusty, your story reminded me of one I had heard about here. Many years ago, one of our drivers (still driving here) was traveling on the interstate back to the center. He witnessed an accident very similar to yours, only it occured in front of him. He stopped to help out as best as possible. When he got to one of the cars that was involved in the head on collision, there was a baby in a car seat. I shouldn't say baby, more like a toddler. The only thing he could do was take the toddler out of the car seat and hold the child. The mother was already gone. The baby was fine. The first thing that came to his mind was getting the child away from the scene so the child couldn't see the mother. To this day he still has nightmares about that accident. This happened 10 or more years ago.
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    Dilli, I drive by the very spot where the accident happened on my return to the building. For more than six months there were deep ruts in the median that her car dug as it careened into our lanes. Both drivers involved were very badly hurt. The impact was so great...it is impossible to forget.
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    The truth is,we,as professional drivers have an edge on everyone else out there.I'm not saying we can avoid every incident like this,but we do have one thing everyone else takes for granted,and that is foresight.If we use the methods,we reduce the chances of becoming a statistic.Aim higher than everyone else.
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    DS, you are on target here. The five seeing habits are the most important "training" we receive as a driver. My favorite, of course, is my motto for life, "leave yourself an out".
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    If you look at the pictures closely from the accident, you can see the black dash box, with all the guages and stuff, laying in the middle of the road at least 20 feet from the rest of the package car. I would be more inclined to say the diad wad still in the holder and it went for a long ride. I don't think the holder was recovered either.