Let's Have Some Fun. The Most Corrupt Members of Congress

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    Very Bi-Partisan so everyone can get in the fun.

    Wave the flag, say the pledge and sing the Star Spangle Banner and be proud of doing your patriotic duty because here is what you send to Congress and what they do when they get there!


    Other than the fact that several people have stated he's dead (and for some time too) my guess is the biggest reason Osama bin Laden hasn't attacked America again is out of pure shame. He knows no matter what he does he can never match the force and destruction on America that it's own voters do every time they enter the voting booth!


    I guess Bush and the rest were right when they told the American public, "With your help, we'll never have another terrorist attack on American soil."

    Job well done America! If you can't shoot or blow them up, shame em' to death!