Resign... or Change, Mr. President

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    While defending his own policies President Obama has routinely been rude and sarcastic to his predecessor, George W. Bush. Yet Obama appears to be making the resident of the previous White House look like a genius compared to his own serious missteps in office.
    Case in point – Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's performance and the communication of priorities on the issue of oil rig safety in the Gulf of Mexico.
    It seems incomprehensible that the president and other members of the administration still have jobs when it is now being reported that the federal government was apprised by BP on February 13 that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was leaking oil and natural gas into the ocean floor.
    In fact, according to documents in the administration's possession, BP was fighting large cracks at the base of the well for roughly ten days in early February.
    Further it seems the administration was also informed about this development, six weeks before to the rig's fatal explosion when an engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, announced to the world a near miss of an explosion on the rig by stating, "They damn near blew up the rig."
    It's also now being reported that BP was asking for the administration's help on this matter long before the deadly accident and the now gushing well of tar.
    Which leads me to some questions for the president. If I were in front row of reporters in the White House briefing room, here’s what I’d like to know:
    1. It appears, Mr. President, that you were informed by BP about problems on Deepwater Horizon on February 13 and the company wanted your help. What did you say?

    2. Given this new revelation, Mr. President, how can you can sleep at night knowing that your inaction cost the lives of eleven men in Louisiana?

    3. Did you inform the victims' families about these facts when you invited them to the White House for last month's photo op?

    4. You've said, Mr. President, time and again, that the buck stops with you. Doesn’t that statement seem like something bordering on propaganda when you follow it up with what appears to be a false sense of outrage by telling Matt Lauer that you're looking for rear ends to kick?

    5. Does the buck stop with you… or not?

    6. Are you going to insist that Mr. Salazar step down from his post in disgrace and shame?

    7. Will you hold another prime time television press conference and tell the entire truth to the American people? -- These would be the actions of a man who says that the buck "stops" with him.

    8. I know when this news was breaking midday on Saturday about the latest BP developments that you and the Vice President were out on the golf course. Was it 39th or 40th time you've played a round in 18 months? (Just for a point of reference President Bush played golf 24 times in eight years.) Never mind, your priorities are for you to decide. At least until election night...

    And now here's where I would not be able to stop myself from saying more...
    It is one thing, Mr. President, to be forced to deal with unexpected circumstances and to have to deal with genuinely new problems. President Bush sure had to. He had to respond to an attack on our homeland that took the lives of 3,000 of our fellow citizens. But on his watch no other terrorist actions took lives of Americans on our soil, largely due to his steadfast leadership and willingness to accept no excuses on the matter.
    But Mr. President, you seem to have very little leadership experience and it appears you have even less skill. Being a good dad and nice guy who sees the world as he wishes it to be is not exactly a resume of exacting leadership.
    Your advisers have failed you and you have failed the American people on nearly everything we've asked of you.
    Where you go from here is really your call, but you should consider two options if you genuinely love the country you work for and those of us you report to.
    First, change your tactics. Second, appear to care. Attempt to engage and empower Americans who can and will go solve this mess.
    Otherwise resign.
    For the good of the nation, for your own children's future, change your patterns or change your path... but change!
    You do remember that word don't you, Mr. President?
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    No matter how much BS you throw on here. I could bet with you, Obama will be a 2 termer.
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    It all depends on who is running against him. So far, he's losing popularity much like Deepwater Horizon.
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    LOL. At first I thought: "Wow, Lue has a pretty good way with words". Then I opened the link.
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    If he runs again, Biden won't be on the ticket and I don't think Hillary would stoop that low. She knows there are a lot of folks who wish they had voted for her the last time. With Hillary, you get 2 for the price of one....Bill comes along with her. Both bring years of experience with them. Depending who she would pick as a running mate, it'd be a tough ticket to beat.

    No, I would not vote for her!
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    Ya know I thought the same thing and didn't even open the link. Had a feeling it was what it is. That much writing takes way too much thought for Lucy.:wink2:
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    the obama has been golfing and attending Wash. Nationals games over the weekend.........he's busy planning his next overseas excursion also....please cut the obama a break

    considering he's such a "green guy ",...or "alternative energy guy".......or a member of "the carbon police"........he's wasted huge amounts of petrol on his globe-trotting
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    He will be in Toronto, Canada this upcomming weekend. G8 and G20 meetings.
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    but didn't our state dept warn our citizens to avoid that area ?
    ( oops, since I don't think barry is a citizen then it's ok for him to go )
  10. Baba gounj

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  11. jimstud

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    obama may not be great but the mess that last moron bush has us in ..........
  12. tieguy

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    fixed it for you jim
  13. Baba gounj

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    tieguy, you're being quite modest ( ten times over ).
  14. jimstud

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    yea bush did so great , we are still spending billions of dollars to take care of all those weapons of mass destruction old sadam had hidden. or was it so his buddy cheney and haliburton could make billions.
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    Resign... or Change, Mr. President .... Really ?

    My Conservatives friends refuse to accept the outcome of any election they lose. Therefore they must find a way to overturn the results by whatever means necessary. Since you guys gave up assassinations in the 1960s, we really need to give them credit for improving their methods.There are two cycles in republican politics- whining and scheming when Democrats are in control trying to cleaning up republican messes. The other is the ineptitude rep's display when in control.
  16. Baba gounj

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    Bush Derangement Syndrome "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency — nay — the very existence of George W. Bush".
    Don't worry, jimstud there is a cure for your illness.
    Just stop drinking the democratic supplied kool-aid.
  17. Baba gounj

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    so you too must believe in Congress' refusal to extend the jobless benefits is totally due to those nasty republicans, who are not in the majority in this session.
  18. jimstud

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    there is a cure for your disease stop shooting up with republican big business bullspit. tell me have they found those weapons of mass destruction or are we still looking ?
  19. Baba gounj

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    all the found weapons were blown up years ago. So why are you still worried about them ?
  20. jimstud

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    blowing up a couple of hand grenades doesn't quite add up to a weapon of mass destruction unless you are a mouse.