lets stop backing down!

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    im at ups almost 20 years, and it is sad. I never seen people so afaid! we are all grown ups stong men and women. lets start having pride in ourselves. Do not take harassment from anybody,dont stand for disrespect. when i first started the older drivers took me under their wing. Now i dont know if have the people with over 20 years even know drivers names. The militancy is gone from most drivers. lets stop bitching and do the job exactly the way they want. It is hard to get used to doing everything by the book,but we have to, we need to realize that we have say 80 drivers for 3 sups and a manager. burry the with their own rules. You know ive noticed that management sticks together no matter what. no more me,me,me.:angry:
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    Have you tried Zanex?
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    What did Rocketman do,invite the whole family?
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    I believe it's called Xanax.:happy2:
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    What we need is more cowbells!!!
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    Thanks Dave. :happy-very:
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    somehow i just knew you were going to have a comment on this one....lol
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    More Cowbell 2.0!
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    LOL! (really, woke wifey up)
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    Well,since she woke up......

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    A revolution, power to the people. Hey in the next twenty years at UPS maybe a driver will take you under his wing and teach you to spell "half" instead of "have".

    I'm sure have of your union brothers on here can help you, the other have probably can't. hehehe
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    I agree!! Retired now but I saw the slow but sure change over the years. I banged heads with management many times and others were like sheep led to slaughter. Well hopefully you will be retiring in a few years and others in future years will maybe someday look at your post and agree like I do..
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    Haven't you got that fixed yet (or is it got that fix yet?)?:wink2:
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    The is no greater sin than wasted opportunity.

    smarter head has taken over
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    Bravo!!!!!!!!! You go big guy. :happy-very:
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    Well I got dumped in the chat room so I had to go somewhere.
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    Wow.......sounds like hourlies and Union Bros who stand up for themselves intimidate the hell out of you..... To the point where your only lame answer is attacking people's spelling.....Maybe your mngnt bros can help YOU respond a little more pro-active and gain what little respect you wish, and your little piss-ant attitude can have.......
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    Your username doesn't exactly inspire confidence in your objectivity. Sounds to me like you have a personal vendetta and are looking to others for validation. But, to each his own. Allowing others to make you miserable is a choice you make. Control what you can control.