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  1. So I am learning that knee problems are common at UPS but it seems to be an issue for supervisors at UPS and Liberty Mutual to believe their employees. My bf has a cyst in between is knee joint and some sort of meniscus tear which causes swelling every now and then. At first no supervisor believed him even after arguing with the supervisors where he stated thet he comes to work everyday and never complains but can't catch a break when a knee issue comes up.

    The union doctor did an MRI scan and claimed he was fine. He got a second opinion with his primary doctor and there was an obvious issue. This doc gave Liberty Mutual information but apparently it wasn't enough and his claim for surgery was denied. His doc refused to help any further so as time goes on his pain is getting a bit more painful and UPS is allowing him to have a lower step in the trucks at at times (not a lot) he receives lighter loads.

    He sees another doc who says physical therapy would only delay the real issue and sends info to Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual sends him to their own doc as well. Even with the MRI scans and info from the doc who feels surgery is neccasary the claim is denied again. no telling what the Liberty Mutual doctor said. The oapers said something about false/negative results.

    Will he have to wait until he can no longer walk to get some relief? Some people who he works with have had no issues with claims but I'm unclear if it is because they got the "right injury", luck or they were to the point of no return if they continued without medical attention. What should he do?

    Sorry such a long message.
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    He needs a Workmans Comp LAWYER.
    Don't delay, go now.
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    You call your local and they have an attorney who handles claims. If the injury was reported then that is date to file with the State for an appeal. If he knows what is right get a consultation with the attorney they handle this everyday.
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    Always go to an orthopedic doctor. Their decisions will supersede the company/LM quack.
  5. He did twice.
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    Do not waste your time with union hired lawyers. Find your own from friends.
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    I am out on comp right now.. I went to the UPS doctor for two months, PT for 6 weeks.. Every PT visit I complained of the pain that was not going away.. I kept telling the UPS doctor.. He sent me for a CT scan...Negative.. a bone scan negative... as my surgeon stated most of the time the CT scans and bone scans are negative or inconclusive. finally, the UPS doctor sent me to a Orthopedic specialist.. His first words to my case worker were " why did Liberty Mutual wait so long to allow a MRI?" of course no response.. He ordered a MRI, and it showed a fracture, and some cartilage damage in the exact area where I had been complaining of pain... I had to have surgery, and now it seems worse than before.. But in your case, he needs to get an attorney, a good attorney ! I would not recommend one that the Union refers you to.. Check online, find one that is in the "Million Dollar Advocates Forum", these are a select group of Attorneys who have settled multi million dollar verdicts.. Fewer than 1% of all attorneys nation wide are in this.. There are aprox. 4000 nationwide. I have one of these ball busters representing me and I am so glad that I do.. Liberty Mutual tried to send me to a Doctor who is know for sending injured workers back to work.. When I got the letter from LIberty that they had scheduled an appointment with this doctor, I called my attorney, and he too knew of this doctor.. He called me back the next day stating that I had an appointment with a different doctor, one that actually cares about injured workers and has their best interests in heart.. Your husband needs to get an attorney, go back to the UPS doctor, and demand to see a specialist. This UPS doctor can be liable for malpractice for failing to properly diagnose your husbands injury.. They are just trying to save money, and hope that your husband will just keep working despite his pain.. UPS does not care if we are in pain. They are just trying to save money by not paying a workers comp claim.. Best of luck, tell your husband to be strong ! Get an attorney !! I would not bother calling liberty mutual again, let the attorney do it, then they will realize that he means business. GL
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    unfortunately, they may send you to a specialist of their own who may shut down all your progress to getting relief. You may have to get a comp attorney. I've had several knee ops but never had to get one, but also I was never denied. My philosophy is play along till they deny then get attorney.
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    Self referral to an Ortho for a second opinion. Primary docs are HORRIBLE at dx'ing orthopedic problems. Bill it to the UPS personal insurance plan. Get the Ortho's opinion but remember they make their money by cutting.

    Next time he goes to the company doctor have him ask the doctor who his malpractice carrier is. Then tell him the Specialist's opinion. Things will change.
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    Check with your union local to see if they have a legal benefit plan. They may have attorneys that you can use or may provide a monetary benefit if you choose to use your own lawyer.