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For the past two years, myself and others have pointed toward this day when the Teamsters would be unable to make good on their responsibilities. I know my opinions probably won’t come as big news to many and most of you, but as another one of the minions who will be negatively affected by this upcoming contract, I feel it’s my right to express my opinion one more time.

If it hasn’t been obvious in the past, surely it is now. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters does not and cannot protect the best interests of the employees at United Parcel Service. Their interests are elsewhere. After almost nearly a year of early negotiations, we find ourselves giving money back to the company when compared to gains made in 98. Part-timers will continue to have wages comparable to that of the 1980’s. The proposed 2-year delayed progression to full-time salary will be further stifled by a further diversion of wages to cover insurance and pension. And when was the last time you could say proudly to your doctor that you have good health insurance through the Teamsters? Don't expect that to change in 2008. Normal retirement age will be increased to 65. Let me say that again. To fully enjoy your retirement benefits you will be forced to work till age 65. Who wants to work that long? DIADS…. Geez. Why not go ahead and just let ‘em stick cameras in the truck? And to top everything off, the negotiating committee just forfeited 8 months of the current contract to land the Central States deal!!

There are other deficiencies in this weak and empty attempt by the Teamsters to “represent our best interests.” This web board is full of other examples. How many more times do we have to see the writing on the wall before we will accept the fact that the Teamsters can no longer meet our needs and expectations and that we can do better for ourselves? A union formed by UPS workers representing only UPS workers would give Eskew chronic diarrhea long after he leaves the company. UPS has already displayed how fearful they are of a union such as the APWA. Why else would they spend countless thousands of dollars to defeat the APWA election in Kansas City? Why else would they send Mike Morgan to KC to purposefully deceive the employees there so as to defeat the APWA? Thanks to Mr. Morgan’s deceptions and inappropriate behavior, which has now amounted to 8 validated NLRB charges, UPS is looking at having to apologize in writing to the people in KC before a 2nd election will be held. Once again, more legal fees and NLRB fees that UPS doesn’t mind paying to defeat the APWA. Why is that? Because the amount of money they’re spending right now to put down this employee movement is chump change compared to the money they would lose at the bargaining table in contracts negotiated by an independent union comprised only of UPS workers. Sure, call it "snake oil" or whatever other detracting label you like, but for the past three years, Van and Danny have been saying that the IBT would try to sell us out. Who can honestly look themselves in the mirror and not call this contract a sell out?

People, it is time to wake up. If you choose to stay with the IBT, we will continue to repeat these conversations every negotiation cycle. And come next time around, will there still be a pension fund worthy to be saved again by another sellout by the Teamsters in exchange for a wad of cash from the company. CS and New England are both around 60%. Sign an APWA authorization card. What do you have to lose? At the least it will force the Teamsters……

to do their job for a change.


Well articulated post.

Indeed, this contract raises several key questions for ALL members to consider.

Our Futures are being gambled here by the IBT and this is no joke. We can only begin to encourage ALL members, both senior and junior to learn more about their options when electing the next set of leaders.

2013 will bring greater challenges and those challenges will required tough decisions.

Although I have no experience with the APWA, I will say that "I" will be looking at all my options the next time I complete a ballot.

Peace Brother.:peaceful:


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Ok.....I am new, so not sure what ride I am in for
Let me see if I have this right
  1. This is a new union (or hope to be anyway0
  2. it costs $$ to join
  3. may never get anywhere
  4. run by employees
Is that right?