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Life is a Highway...
What's some of the strangest things you've seen on the road whether you driven 1 year or 30?


Seen a guy throw a punch at another driver through his window (road rage) that driver then sped off.

Saw a teenage girl driving while reading her "Cosmo".

Was behind a car with 4 elderly women, driver turns around to talk to someone in back seat goes right through a stop sign without stopping.

Came up to a warehouse and saw a guy "duct-taped" to a railing (gotta be at least 2 rolls) found out he was getting married that weekend and was taped like that for more than an hour.

I stopped at a stoplight in front of a bus stop. Guy asked me if I was going downtown and if he could catch a ride.

Cops chasing a guy in a car coming at me, I'm thinking please don't hit me head on, I pulled behind a telephone pole for protection.

Kids in front of this house skateboarding, one guy does some kind of flip and skateboard shoots out from under him and ends up under my tires. I look in the rear-view mirror to see only pieces of wood and their friends rolling on the ground laughing.

and lastly,

Saw an overweight cop (about 270 to 280 lbs) trying to chase a teenage kid for something, after about half a block seeing him hunch over coughing his guts out and sucking air.


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just yesterday ,i had the "pleasure" of seeing a young female show her boyfriend how much she liked him at the moment, was almost tempted to compliment her furious mouth polishing sklls :surprised:


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I saw a guy once trying to carry a full sized couch on his back while riding a bike! He had a piece of nylon rope around his waste tyed to the couch!

Every time he got on the bike, he fell off because he couldn't keep his balance with all the weight.

He had quite an audience, everyone around was laughing, including me.


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I had a country run for a couple of years and every day I would see this guy driving his pickup truck and his dog would be running from door to door inside the truck. It was a smaller dog and it would be running from the drivers side to the passenger back to the drivers and so on and I guess he must have been doing this for quite some time because the driver was driving as though nothing was going on inside the truck.


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I once delivered ammo to a guy who was in his backyard shooting range firing a fully automatic Thompson submachine gun with a 75-round drum. He has a Class 3 license, and it was a $10,000 gun he was blasting with.
I also deliver to the service entrance of a vet clinic. I went back there once while they were doing a necropsy on a horse, they had it cut wide open.
I pulled into a guys driveway once... he was up on his deck in bathrobe and slippers with a .30-06. As I was getting out of the truck he drilled a 4-point buck that was in his orchard about 200 yards away. One shot to the head, boom done. He sent his son out there on a four-wheeler to gut it out and drag it back.
I was driving down a country road once and came upon a group of people who were walking around calling for and looking for a missing dog. 20 minutes later, I delivered to a house and the owner showed me a stray dog that he had found and put in his barn. I put the dog in my truck and drove back to where the pepole were looking and delivered the dog to them.:smart:


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Good stories sober. Reminds me of a couple and were just recent.

I also deliver to a vet and when they get alot of heavy stuff like food I will deliver to the back garge door in the basement. Right inside the door there is a huge chest freezer. I always figured that was where they kept some of the meds or such. One day I was unloading and her come to girls carrying a large yellow lab and placed him in the freezer. I'm hoping he was dead, otherwise he was sleeping very good.

Last week I was delivering to this house in the woods. Outcomes this high school kid running toward me with a shotgun. I was like, "Dude, I'm just delivering a package!" He aims up, pumps aand nails 2 woodpeckers out of the tree about 40yds away. After they fell he told me they have a big problem with the woodpeckers drilling into their house which happens to be made of wood. The bad part was that he shot innocent birds. When he retrieved them they turned out to be doves, which I knew as he was shooting them but he didn't give me a chance to tell him.

Back when I was preloader they sent me out wit the regular driver one day to see how he delivered his route. We get to a stop in a set of townhouses and he hands me the DIAD (I) and tells me to go get the signature. When the young lady comes to the door all she is wearing is a thong and very nice set of "personalities." She quicky tries to cover herself with her arms proclaiming, "Oh, I thought you were Roy (the regular driver)." She realizes that I already saw and didn't matter at this point and uncoverd and signed then sent me on my way. On my way back to the truck the driver is just laughing at me. BTW, this is the day I decided I was going to be a driver.

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Love the one about the duct tape LOL!

I was delivering Venice Beach in 1973 and saw a guy driving his car totally in the nude on Pacific Coast Highway!!! Why I was the one to have to see that - I don't know! It is etched in my memory and I wish I could get rid of it!


Once about 15 years ago,I found a blind guy walking where he should not have been.It was against the rules I know,but I stopped and asked if he was lost,sure enough he was.I got him to sit on the floor of my p8 and made him hold the handrail and I drove him back to the shopping mall he started from and to the back door of a bookstore that he said his friend worked.

We had a guy last month get fired because they caught him taxiing his wife and kids to the doctors office....bonehead..


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I once saw a guy servicing himself driving down the freeway at 60 mph...not what I wanted to see!

I have seen more than one woman through the front door with no shirt on, folding laundry. I guess they were washing the shirt they wanted to wear that day. I just set the box down and walk away!

I delivered to a house that had a very friendly pitbull. One day as I am walking up to the door, I see what looks like a mophead laying in the driveway. As I got closer, I realized the "mophead" was the neighbors little yorkie. His throat was ripped out and there was blood eveywhere! I guess he wasn't so friendly with the other dogs!

I'm sure i will think of more later but that's all for now.