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    Let me explain my situation. I have been working at a UPS hub for 2 years (since age 17) come this October. Recently I hurt my shoulder, and my supervisor was able to move me to small sort so I would not put as much stress on my shoulder while it heals.

    Coincidentally, during the same week I believe, an opening for a college intern position opened at UPS capital. Long story short, I applied and someone from HR told me that I could only apply for this position if I quit my current position, and that doing so would not guarantee getting this position.

    I am going to talk to my sort manager today to see if he can let me "quit" so I can at least have a chance at getting this. The internship involves just about everything related to my major and I feel that this may be my opportunity to move up within the company. What are my chances of landing this internship, especially since I am already familiar with how the company runs internally?
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    It sounds like the job you currently hold is union, and (obviously, since it's temporary) the internship is not. Yours is not a completely traditional escalation scenario since what you are seeking to enter in to is an internship.

    2 years into your current job, you must be paying dues and be union. Whenever you accept a management job, you obviously relinquish your union protection. This usually means management, but in your case, the phrase 'intern' screams temporary.

    Get assurances from HR that your intern status will be upgraded to management before you make the switch (unless you plan to hop companies once you graduate).

    Internship at UPS will teach you a TON, but be sure of your direction before reloeasing your union guarantees. Interns have 0 guarantees. Management has 0.05. :whiteflag:
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    I would be very wary of someone who told me I have to quit my job to apply for another with no guarantee of getting the second job.
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    over9five is correct, and if I didn't stress it enough in my first post, I should have. If it is an internship, and intended to give you work experience, and you have no singular desire to be a browner for life, be suspicisous.

    If, however, you have been offered a job, at UPS but must first go intern, get it in writing. You will probbaly have a fabulous career with 1/40th the stress most of experience.

    Get it in writing. Preferably blood.