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  1. haTTrick

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    Hello, I started about a week ago as a truck Loader. I was just wondering If it is possible to switch to an Unload-er? Will they let me? Thank you for the feed back!
  2. PT Stewie

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    It is work as directed. They must likley assigned you where they needed people. You can ask but do not expect to be accomodated.
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    Once you have seniority (usually, after you've completed your first 30 days) then you have the right to switch to the unload before they hire someone else off the street. They won't be happy with you and might try to stall you because of "training issues." Ordinarily, if someone sucks in the outbound, they'll eventually shuffle them off to the unload. Personally, I think you should stay where you're at - the pace is a little better and you'll probably get better hours.
  4. matt90

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    At my hub (Maumee, OH), I was started as a loader, and about 2 months in my PT Sup asked me if I wanted to go to unload because they were short on workers for that day. I tried it out, and needless to say after the first 2 hours in the unload I just wanted to go back to my trailer in the load. And you should be able to switch over to unload so long as certain positions in the load/unload areas are open/filled.

    And just a little bit of my own experience during my 3 hours of unload, it was awful. Almost none of the walls were packed tight so when I would pull a package out the wall would just crumble. It is rather nice to work at your own "pace", but I much prefer loading. But who knows, unloading might be better suited for you.
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    I preferred loading until u had to scan everything, after that I'd rather unload. No-misloads, no eggress problems, no jams to break, etc....

    Whether or not they will let you, who knows?