Loading Trailers


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Make sure you load it real good.

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You will learn that UPS has a way of making things more complicated than necessary. Something as simple as putting a box in a trailer probably has 200 steps to do it correctly.
They didn't teach you guys the 260 methods to load a box into a trailer, back in the olden days?


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Hi, I was a seasonal Package car driver this year. I have been offered a inside position loading trailers. Would you guys have any advice?

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Not much you can be told. They will train you a little. Show up everyday. Load as quickly as you can and try not to put packages in the wrong truck.

Once you make seniority slow down a little and do the job safely.

Good luck


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Let’s see. Four hour shifts generally. You’ll be loading about 3-4 53 foot trailers in either the freezing cold or extreme heat. Very few breaks



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It’s a whole different beast my friend

I would ask about the time frame to become a driver from PT preload. That could be your timeframe out from a very tough unforgiving job.

You ever loaded a uhaul? Multilply that by 5-10. You want to make Ts with boxes and not columns. It’s all a big quick game of Tetris.