Local 804 union dues rebate...urgent

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by enzo, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. enzo

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    Word on the street that a union dues rebate will be given to anyone working in the Mount Vernon building. Now that the building is quickly becoming nonunion, union dues will no longer be collected! We know this is a nonunion facility because: Outside nonunion workers are brought in to do porter work
    Car washers have daily scheduled pickups
    Suipervisors come to work in their browns like all the other drivers
    A coupon signed by Hoffa jr. is required for this rebate.Void in N.Y. state, void after 5/31/2013
  2. norcal10

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    I call BS.
    So it's already void then?
  3. OffRoutesPay

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    I call bs also lol been going on for years have drivers put grievances "don't say they have" show proof, you can thank Howard for the outside porters it's in your contract, stop crying
  4. enzo

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    Grievances have been put in. People have reached out to the business agents and the e-board. So far, sad to say no action taken
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    What does Redmond have to do with this problem going on right now with car washers working out of classification. TS is president now for 3 1/2 years!!!! Looks like members are scared for there jobs and no representation. Keep crying Howie!! Maybe he will come back from retirement and fix what seems like can't be fixed.
  6. enzo

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    You are correct 6045 the past is over we need to reclaim our buildings now. We need strong leadership and stewards who are willing to enforce the contract
  7. OffRoutesPay

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    Because your supplement has language for outside porters. Howard can join a gay circus for all I care. Thanks to him my pension is only $3600 while people upstate are getting $5700 and Washington DC are getting $6000 Its a joke what he did to Local 804 all he did was kiss Hoffa and ups @ss. Ron Carey left him a strong powerful local that he drove in to the ground. year after year, Howard and the old board should all be in jail for what they did to the members of Local 804.

    So enzo who is the weak steward your talking about? have you called Tim and told him whats going on????? show some proof, I believe your story but just don't sit in the cheap seats, stand up and make noise. Call Tim and tell us all what he says to you.