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    i am looking to reapply back to my local ups hub my last work date was sometime around january of this year, we had this system where my boss would text us our start times each day and i broke my phone they hadnt been calling me in much and alot of things happened in my life that caused my depression to skyrocket so i decided that i would just stop trying to make contact and move on but now im realizing how much i miss my job and the people i worked with, i was employed there for 4 years and this month wouldve marked my 5 year milestone i started when i was 18, im just wanting to know the likelihood of getting my job back
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    Uhh, Yeah We'll get back to you on this
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    Anyway, if you just stopped showing up and put in no effort to contact your supervisor, your rehire status is probably negative. Re-apply on the website to be sure. Or maybe try FedEx if you like this crap for some reason.
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    Not very good.

    In my experience over the last several years, the company makes sure that anyone who is terminated (especially for attendance) is coded as a DO NOT REHIRE. No one in your building will likely be able to help you even if they wanted to as this is mandated by district labor.

    You may be able to get around this by applying as a seasonal if your building is desperate enough, as I've seen UPS hire people they would otherwise never consider (felonies related to dishonesty) for peak.
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    Depression? Try heavy drinking.
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    Ahhh Christ !!!
    Take him back , sounds like management material !!
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    Everyone bitches and moans that threads get derailed but this is the type of material we have to work with. Third post in, the best answer they will get, after that, it's a free for all.
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    First of all....you Just stopped showing up...do you really think they'd take you back? Second, you miss the idiots you work with? I hate to break it to you but chances are...you haven't been a fleeting thought in their minds since the week after you quit....lol. You should seek employment elsewhere.