Loss prevention..what a joke

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by blacknproud, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. blacknproud

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    Last week I was sorting, busting my nuts (we are so damn heavy) anyways I saw this new hire open up a package, I kinda glanced down at him and I could've swore he pocketed it, maybe a cell phone or something like that, so I continued sorting until I saw my part time sup, I told him what I saw, he said he would take care of it.....last night LP came to talk to me I told him what I saw etc...they said that he got busted at the guard shack, that I did the right thing etc....so I asked him, do I get a reward? Like they are always preaching, he said he would go and get me a cup of coffee, I laughed and said keep it. What a joke, seriously, he also said good job and patted me on the back.....my new outlook is this
    see no evil
    hear no evil
    SPEAK no evil

    I don't want anyone stealing from the company, but LP guys are a JOKE....
    Oh I also got a call from my center manager saying good work, I just left it at that.:angry:
  2. local804

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    I knew a guy that got shafted from the " Five Thousand Dollar Reward" when he told LP that a pt suit was stealing baseballs. He was taking packages from Steiner and throwing them over the fence (pretty smart till someone seen him) The suit disapeared and the loader got a $50. amex gift card from the building Mgr because he kept on hounding him for a reward. Some of steiners balls can cost thousands of dollars, loader did the right thing, but dont think I would bother.
  3. Leftinbuilding

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    I found a suspicious, empty laptop computer in our bldg one morning. Showed it to a supe and LP began an investigation. Turned out there was a ring of preloaders helping themselves to the laptops. UPS was able to recover several. When all was said and done, I received $100.00. I was told that in order to receive the larger rewards I would have had to infiltrate the ring and gather info from inside. No thanks. Like you, I no longer bother noticing suspicious behavior.
  4. NVBrown

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    So what everyone is saying here is that you only do it for the reward and not because it's the right thing to do. Every theft impacts our reputation.

    Let's put this on the other foot. If they are stealing from your house are you going to expect a reward?
  5. HazMatMan

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    A reward of UP TO 5000 DOLLARS. You should have gotten something, I think the minimum is 50 dollars.
  6. rod

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    I think it's the idea that UPS advertises their $5,000 reward for reporting theft but no one seems to qualify for it. If they aren't going to pay it then quit promoting it. I personally have never heard of anybody actually getting $5,000- has anybody else?
  7. magoo57

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    NVBrown you are absolutely right. No, no one is expecting you to 'go CSI' on anyone. But that piece of excrement is stealing from MY RETIREMENT PLAN... impacting My stock price.... casting aspirsions on MY good name when I wear the UPS uniform.
    And I hope these walking male reproductive organs steal from your car in the parking lot.
    You're as bad as they.
    I unclog my nose in your general direction!
  8. HazMatMan

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    Except the balls signed by Clemens, those are worth(less) ZERO DOLLARS. lol.
  9. magoo57

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    Blacknproud, "hear no evil'? Don't I remember you two weeks ago complaining about someone using racist language in your presence? Not that I condone that behavior- far from it. But to report that behavior while overlooking an crimial offense is nothing les than full-fledged hypocracy. OR MAYBE YOU ONLY REPORT CERTAIN ETHNICITIES TO THE AUTHORITIES???
    You disappoint me. I thought better of you.
  10. Cementups

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    I heard a story a few years ago of someone in our building getting a few thousandin reward but it was not someone I knew firsthand.
  11. satellitedriver

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    I think the best reward is in doing the right thing.
    I am no Polly Anna , but when it comes to thieves and and liars, I have very little tolerance.
  12. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Read the fine print on those reward posters.
    Up to $5000.00 upon conviction.
    That would mean a criminal trial, the type of publicity that ups avoids.
  13. Big Babooba

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    Worthless balls are a side affect of steroid abuse, NO?
  14. local804

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    God damn Boston byproduct.....
    btw he says he will prove he is innocent
    Factoid-majority of steroids went threw Mets clubhouse....funny how
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  15. diesel96

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    I agree with ROD, if UPS advertises a reward poster, and someone takes a chance against retributions and provides viable incriminating information on a guilty individual, that someone deserves the advertised award. Then pay up sucker ! Otherwise stick those reward posters up Mike Eskew's Butt. Stealing is stealing, many of us can't stand thievies, the lowest forms of lowlifes. I don't give a crap about turning in another Teamster or employee when it comes to integrity. If he does it at work , he does it at home. Chop his freaking hands off like they do in the Middle East. Thats why so many Middle Easterners work at Convience stores and gas stations. They don't steal ! Ups, if your gonna talk the talk you better walk the walk, and pay up sucker !
  16. freeloader

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    The reward is UP TO $5000. I'm sure you get low-balled on the actual rewards because that is the nature of UPS. And yeah, LP is a joke. How much stuff gets stolen is a direct result of the quality of the workforce. If they were paid more and treated better they would be happier and wouldn't resort to stealing. For every person that gets caught stealing, there is probably 5 more getting away with it. Stuff is getting stolen left and right in a variety of ways, it's just a matter of going after the big fish or the little fish.
  17. atatbl

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    Well said
  18. HazMatMan

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    That's what I said.
  19. HazMatMan

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    Majority??? 22 Yanks, 15 Mets??????
  20. local804

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    Even with 15 they still cant win sh#t
    add the cocaine and pots from the mets from the past and then what?