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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by notsure, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. notsure

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    A while back I shipped a package from Canada to the US. It ended up getting shipped somewhere in Winnepeg Canada and is still lost. I have called the Technical Support number and they have issued a trace investigation on it. The sad thing is it was Christmas toys for my kids and now it doesn't look like they will get here in time for Christmas:( Since we don't have much else for them this year it's a real bummer. I have just a few questions I was hoping someone might be able to help with:

    Because there was a mistake made by UPS in this case is it possible to have them upgrade the shipping to Overnight or 2-day air or another shipping method once the package is found?

    Is there a way to file a grievance with the company?

    Any other ideas or help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. rod

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    Are you sure it was UPS's fault? In my 30 years at UPS I found out that the most common problem that caused a package to become "lost" was that it had old labels on it so it would get delivered to the wrong address or at the very least take a long trip around the country. It's not UPS's fault if people reuse boxes and don't remove all the lables (although drivers do try to spot double lables at the time they are picked up). Sorry about your pkg and yes UPS has been known to upgrade the service on a package- especially this time of year.
  3. moreluck

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    what about insurance on the pkg.? You did insure it for its worth, didn't you?
  4. over9five

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    Yes, Notsure, you should DEMAND that they upgrade your package to arrive by Christmas. (Actually, I believe they will do this anyhow, even if you ask nicely!)
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    With international or canada shipments generally a waybill is used, meaning the only information for shipping is in a plastic pouch which tends to separate from the package. Looks like it passed customs since it made it's way to Winnepeg. Sure sounds like an overgood situation, your package was found without a label and sent to the "island of lost packages". To prevent this from happening, always put an address label inside the package and marked permanently on the box itself. I do not know if UPS implements any special procedures with overgood Christmas packages, for now keep tabs on your tracer, if not resolved at least we will pay for your loss. If found can only imagine that it will be rushed ASAP to the designation, generally it is company policy to make sure all seasonal Christmas packages be delivered before the holiday.
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    What is the tracking number of the package? With the UPS people on this board, I'm sure one of them will look up the number and do whatever they can do find the package and get it delivered to you by Christmas. But, they need the tracking number to do that.
  7. notsure

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    This is a great forum and I thank all of you that replied. My tracking # is M1359091967. It was indeed a way bill # given for this shipment. I really hope it didn't land in the lost packages area. You all have given me some hope - thank you!
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    A couple of years before I started dressing in Brown I had a package sent to me in Alberta from Ohio. That package went missing much the same way as it sounds as yours has. The call center was a fantastic help in not only calming me but in finding the package, having the service level upgraded and redirecting it to Toronto where I was spending the holidays. This package contained gifts for my 3 young nieces, two of which I was meeting for the first time that December.
  9. worldwide

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    Also make sure you call 1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877) to register a complaint and start a tracer on this shipment. You should also send an e-mail tracking request on line at:

    UPS - Customer Service Form
  10. hoser

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    You can't really "grieve". You could complain to the BBB or your provincial consumer affairs if you feel that UPS has done you wrong as a consumer. A mis-sort, unexplained loss with appropriate compensation, or total damage loss due to poor packaging isn't really a "wronging", IMO.

    If UPS could only load a properly packaged and paid for express shipment or a goodwill upgrade into an aircraft, they'll go for the former.

    Regardless, don't worry. It's unfortunate, but UPS SUCKS for scanning (but is getting better), the scanning takes a while (8-24hrs) to be updated, and a lot of scans that are done on your box will not show up on the tracking, but will show up on the call centre or tracer's screen. in our facility, boxes get scanned 4 times (5+ times if it's an export or any air service), but only 2 scans will show up on the website.

    Start freaking out when they can't tell you where your package is on Friday. I wonder if UPS has the same policy as FX, where if they can't tell you exactly where your shipment is within 60 seconds, it's free.

    UPS Canada has the internet shipping tool available, and they strongly encourage Canadian customers to use the internet shipping tool.

    Although 99% of pacakges clear US/CA customs without being seen and are
    determined to have "cleared" before the trailer departs the facility (let alone before hitting the border), the pacakge hasn't cleared until it goes through the St. Paul hub. Or does CA>>US via Manitoba go through Rapid City?
  11. notsure

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    I just called 1-800-PICK-UPS and they forwarded me to their international dept. 1-800-782-7892. I was told that the soonest the Trace Investigation would be complete is by December 27th so I guess we won't have much under the tree this year. I just hope that the packages eventually get here. Thanks for all of your help, but I don't think much else can be done unfortunately.
  12. hoser

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    Bad luck all around. I desire a positive result to this.
  13. notsure

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    I have asked the Trace department if they could expedite the investigation, but they will not do that. If the package is never found will UPS reimburse me for the cost of the toys? I didn't have insurance on it. I have never had a problem with UPS until this so I might be learning a really tough lesson. It is a real bummer when you lose confidence in a company you trusted.
  14. The Uknown

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    I have not one, but two seperate packages comming from Ohio to Alberta, that are MIA. The last things they recieved was a import scans from Winnipeg and they both go dead from there. UPS can not find them, they are looking. They did however upgrade the package shipping incase found and did not even have to ask. Funny thing is these packages where shipped on diffrent dates. I have already accepted they will not make it by christmas time. I just hope they find them at this point is my main concern.
  15. The Uknown

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    ok just a update: shortly after my first post one of the packages just arrived yaaaaaay. The driver did mention something about a second package but said it did not make it on this run.
  16. scratch

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    I hope that the people looking for a lost package do get it in time. As a company, we do try to make service on everything we can. Today was certainly no exception. As Drivers, we are always told to go the extra mile, especially this time of year. If it is shipped in time, packed properly, and has the correct address on it, you should get it.
  17. The Uknown

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    Just another Update: About 5min after first package arrived second packaged arrived by a budget rental car? I am so glad I managed to keep my cool and didnt yell or come off as a dick to non of the phone operators. Although I do tell you it was sure a very fustraiting experience.

    For all you others with missing packages. Hold out for some hope! Just a really busy time of the year.
  18. Last I knew every package shipped in the US was automatically insured for $100 U.S. or actual value which ever is less, would assume it to be the same worldwide.

    Winnipeg, MB to US get processed in Saint Paul, MN.