Louisville Received Communications Plane Was in Trouble Before it Crashed

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    This is an amazing aside to a tragic accident.....
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    From article:
    UPS spokesman Mike Mangeot confirmed that the crashed plane was equipped with an airplane health management system, Boeing's name for the transmission system. He declined to comment directly on the crash or what information the company received from the plane before the accident.
    AHM systems help "self-diagnose" problems in flight and alert the airline before landing so that maintenance workers are ready to do repairs and parts are on hand. The systems aren't standard on Boeing planes, but the company has been installing them on 747-400s for customers who request them for about five years, said Boeing spokesman Jim Proulx.
    Among the data transmitted ahead of the Dubai crash, according to people familiar with the investigation, was an alert about a serious problem in the cargo compartment near the starboard wing.

    Nothing to indicate that anyone at UPS and especially the pilots knew anything beforehand.

    Maybe some of our Airline friends can enlighten us on this system.