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    I spent over a year working preload for UPS after I got out of high school. Great experience and I really enjoyed the job. It's the only job I've ever been fired and then promoted on the same day.

    I remember that during my main stint there UPS hired temporary employees during peak to help handle the volume. As I recall, these employees were given a higher hourly wage than us perms, but they didn't have any benefits, union representation, and only a handful would be offered continued employment after peak was over.

    Last fall I had a few months off from work and decided to see if UPS wanted to hire me for the peak season. I needed the money and I figured UPS would be happy to hire somebody with a good resume who only wanted to work peak. I was surprised when they offered me a permanent position. Given that it was late October I expected a temporary slot. When I showed up for the 5-day training program I realized what was happening. I had a verbal agreement with HR that I would be leaving after peak, but none of the other employees that they had hired wanted to do that. Every single one expected the permanent position that they were offered. At the end of the first day I asked the supervisor a question: "What happens at the end of peak when volume drops? Are we still going to have jobs?" He didn't gloss over the facts. UPS had hired these folks as permanent employees with every intent of laying them off as soon as peak ended. I didn't really care because I intended to leave anyways, but everybody else who'd been hired was outraged. Some of them had quit real jobs to get a fake 'permanent' position with UPS. They got screwed badly.

    I'm not certain why UPS bothered to hire myself and the rest as 'permanent' employees. I guess that wages for temps were too high and it was cheaper to screw people over than to be honest about what was going on. I didn't mind paying union initiation fees (UPS remains my backup plan if I don't succeed in my chosen career), but I know some of the new hires ended up paying initiation for representation that they would never receive because they got laid off before they even got seniority. That's pathetic. The fact that they were told that they'd been hired for a permanent position and made plans based on that, when in fact the company had every intention of laying them off two months later is simply sickening.

    Shame on UPS for doing this and shame on the Teamsters for taking the initiation fees from these unlucky saps. I'd be happy to work for UPS and I'm grateful for the Teamsters, but this experience really soured me on both.
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    I imagine some of you are probably aware of what I'm talking about. You know how :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed up that gimmick was.
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    Those guys were lucky, they got out with a flesh wound. If they hate getting lied to then they are better off finding somewhere else to work as they would have really hated it if they stayed around.
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    I worked for UPS PT from 1997 to 2001. I had to quit on good terms because I lost FT job in 2001. Got new FT job in 2001 immediately , working 7 PM to 7 AM and had to quit. Got my Teamsters exit card (recommend to everybody to do that) . Fast forward to 2009 and lost my FT job. I applied to UPS in September of 2009 for peak. Got job because I aced interview. Used keywords like understanding UPS work ethic and dropping names of soups that I worked for(most never left). HR never said that this was a temp job and would be let go after peak. Walked into building on 1st night and the FT night head soup 1st words were, "all you will be gone after peak". I knew this was Bravo Sierra because I knew the score. This is a try out period and they will keep the people who show up every night on time , work hard and not make mistakes. They ended up retaining 5 of 37 newbies( I made the cut). Some newbies quit because after paying the Teamster initiation fee they were taking home less than 20 dollars a week. I paid that in 1997(keep your Teamster exit cards). Got full health benefits 6 months after re-hire time. Bennies are worth about 30 an hour if you only work 50 hours a month. You earn 4 hours toward pension even if you work 2 hours after punching in, due to the contract.
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    This is how UPS truly is. The sad part is that the teamsters/ups agreement have clause where an employee can be terminated immediatley for "Dishonesty." However the folks who are really displaying the "Dishonesty" is management. Management always lie to peak workers to give them a false sense of hope of becoming an employee. They will do whatever it takes including being "dishonest" to keep them around long enough to help them get through peak! Does UPS management fire themselves for being "Dishonest?" Of course not!! This is the absolute truth and most employees won't say anything because they have too much invested and are afraid to lose their jobs.
    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place as a choice in career. I wish I did because you don't know the truth about the company until your in too deep.
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    You couldn't have been hired as a permanent employee the contract that UPS has with the Union states that anyone hired between Oct 1 and Dec 31 are hired as a temp or on a trial bases. If they call you back within 60 days after the new year your seniority date goes back to your start date.
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    The 2nd words out of the FT soup on the 1st night was " What are your hours?" They told us 12-4 someone said. He said no. You go home when the sort is done. Usually 2 hours. 1st few weeks, 1 hour. Peak, lucky to get 4 hours.
    At least he was honest.
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    ...if you pay into the union and are laid off as a seasonal hire, you can get a withdrawral card and the initial fees you paid.
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    Depending on when you were hired during peak season you may qualify for reimbursement of initiation. You can't get reimbursement of initiation and a withdrawal card. Check with your Local Union dues dept.
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    upsguy72, I dunno mate. The recruiter told me and everybody else who was hired with me that we'd been given permanent positions. I had a verbal agreement to leave after peak but nobody else wanted to lose their job. I was given standard UPS permanent PT wages, paid union initiation fees, and when I got laid off all of the supervisors promised to give me a phone call if any positions opened up within the next couple months. Sounds to me like I got hired as a permanent employee, even though UPS had every intent of laying me off after peak.
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    Sleeve...heart, I didn't know that. Thank you. Like I said before though, UPS is my backup plan for a career and I don't mind paying dues to the Teamsters. My current line of work is extremely competitive and if things don't work out I don't see many better options than UPS right now.
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    Working...sweat, that's a short fracking sort. When I first worked at UPS I logged some long hours. The longest shift I pulled was 28 hours. During peak 6-7 hour days were common (and they'd let me spend another hour or two folding small sort bags). My paychecks were actually pretty respectable for a kid just out of high school. During my recent stint, I didn't get much overtime (they'd cut me off at 5 hours) but I pretty consistently maxed out my straight time.

    I wish I knew about exit cards when I quit the first time. It would've been nice to have gotten one of those. I was never particularly involved with union issues but I spoke periodically with the stewards and it would've been nice if someone had told me that I should get an exit card.
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    Really? Most of the jobs I've worked have involved sucky management. Where I work now, we jokingly refer to OT as "own time". We regularly get taken off the clock while our supervisors demand that we continue working. Most of our supervisors are sympathetic and would like to count the time but the company's bean counters refuse to allow them to do that.

    Does UPS really suck that much? Most jobs suck in one way or another. I had a pretty good experience with UPS and I've always considered them a backup plan in case my current career doesn't pan out. Should I stay away from UPS? Are they really that terrible an employer?
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    you were never permanent, and if you wanna get noticed you gotta kick it up a notch
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    That is a bad situation too. Don't let the pay rate and benefits fool you. You wouldn't believe the things that I have witnessed first hand. Most of the positions are tough but that won't be the problem. It is the way management gets away with treating their employees. Sometimes events happen that are out of your control but somehow management will finagle a situation and pin blame on you. One of my fellow drivers was hit by a drunk driver who blew through red light while an on duty police officer witnessed the whole thing. However, according to UPS management, the accident was deemed a "preventable accident" because of where the drunk driver hit the package car. It was bad enough that the PC driver was in an accident, but to be reprimanded by your employer for somebody else's grossly negligent action goes beyond words. I thought this type of behavior by management was only happening at my center. Unfortunately, this mentality exist all through out the US. Please do your due-diligence on here. This example is merley a snow flake on the iceberg that sunk the titanic. My best advice for you is to work on being some type of entreprenuer. That is the best thing to have is a peace of mind. You will actually have a chance to build wealth. I hope this helps with your decision.
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    It is illegal for anyone to demand you work for free. Are you their slave?