Loyalty is Laid to Rest; Grave is Next to Partnership’s; RIP My Old Friends

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Disenchanted, Apr 19, 2012.

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    After twenty-seven years I never thought I would see the day that my performance review score would be “outstanding” and then be told that I would not receive a pay raise due being above the maximum for the new pay banding structure. Based upon where I fall, it is unlikely that I will see an increase for another two years. All the while pay banding was billed as a way to reward high performers. IMHO, it is only a way to reduce and control payroll costs and begin to drive out the more experienced and higher paid managers. It certainly did not reward this high performer.

    The last eight years I have been on the imaginary “ready now” list, but somehow opportunities never materialize. I have been through the cost cuts and freezes, downsizings and everything else that senior management wants to say to justify cutting costs on the backs of middle management while on the other side reaping vast wage hikes to put in their own pockets. Most of us still kept working hard and going the extra mile, because at least we got something extra in our checks, no matter the size and because we were loyal to the company.

    The partnership concept left in 1999, the benefits are reduced and out-of-pocket costs increase on an annual basis, and now, in 2012, loyalty was thrown out with the bath water. I have never seen moral so low, not even after the 1997 work stoppage. They have hired new management people who are leaving in droves as they see the writing on the wall. The new marketing department structure has not been a success as they changed the worker bees, but left the same old idea starved senior management in place.

    This is a sad day for all. Our great founder and visionary would never have treated employees in this manner, and is probably rolling over in his grave. “People are our greatest asset” is a slogan with an empty promise to those inside the company. It just plays well for the outsiders and the press.

    Alas, I have a few more years before I can unshackle the handcuffs, but as soon as I am eligible, I will be gone. Unfortunately, I still need to work to put a couple of kids through school, so some lucky company is going to get a great employee who will help them make money hand-over-fist and rekindle my loyalty. This company will lose out on my expertise, experience, my work ethic, my loyalty and the thousands of dollars they have spent to train me and relocate me throughout the years.

    What a shame to punish those who have been so loyal and hardworking through the years; the true partners. On a lighter note, our favorite PAC will receive a donation equaling five times my 2012 annual salary increase. It has been a good ride, but the jig is up and so are the 60 hour work weeks, the weekends, the holidays, the evenings, missing the kids sporting events, birthdays, anniversaries and alas my loyalty. Loyalty is dead and I will begin to show the same loyalty that has been shown to me.

    This is not the company I grew up with... RIP Loyalty...
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    i like to think it died with the company going public, but it probably started right after Casey retired and just accelerated with going public
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    UPS is like an electric fan. If you stand in front it blows, if you stand to the rear it sucks.
    But should you actually stand beside it, nothing at all.
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    there will be no grave, corporate mgmt will be eating their own with the new pay bands and minimal pay raises to offset the increase in their raises this year, there will be nothing left to bury. what a deal, you work your :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: off, then they come out with the new deal, you made your numbers, but you end up with zilch. and have you ever wondered why the company's hourly employees are teamsters? Brown has certainly shown its true colors.

    may have to update my signature: "the lead dog never has to step in his own $#!+"
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    I am in the same boat and totaly agree with your statements well said. I never thought I would hear from my partners that organization attempts may be at hand. What a shame. The concepts that made this company what it is today have been abandoned. The salary bands that have been initiated have disparate impact on our senior management and have the possibility of ruining the company. This is a result of going public and having a board that lacks homegrown talent that has been the key to our success....RIP Loyalty
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    Lets talk $$. center manager Managers that did get a raise x $$. I bet you do not even break ($$ the figure you come up with) a month total in any division. This figure does not include supervisors. If you were not mad before, you should be now.
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    The reality is that if you are over 50 years old you are considered too old for a raise (aka keeping pace with inflation). What percentage of the over 50's received anything ?...This is common with public companies. It will be interesting to see what will happen to the MIP. Im predicting gone in 2 years with part of it rolled into your salary. This also means the end of the incentive (up to a months salary) that went along with the MIP. Its a new company with new rules...The old days are gone. Thanks and the best of success to all of my Partners . Im staying until the bitter end. I refuse to compromise or be coerced into leaving !
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    Tough place to work lately. Ask a management person to do something - responses include comments about the task vs the persons qpr. Stealth resistance while the "partnership smile and head nod continue."

    2nd quarter will be an absolute ball buster. Year over year comps will get tough now that we are out of the weather issues from q1 2011. Increased fuel cost will put cost pressure on the results. Safety is flat to last year.
    Corp response is to bring 20 to 30% of the districts in to explain how they will turn their safety results around. They now have distributed a YouTube clip from some movie for motivation. (search: motivational football coach teaches how to overcome our limits or facing the giants).

    Too bad the real message in the video is that this is your life at ups!
    a). Get identified as a leader. B). State the obvious to upper management - get singled out to be made an example for others c). Put Blindfold on and be asked to perform a difficult task. D). Have someone scream directions to you as you craw through the assignment, blindfolded, and only allowed to use 50% of the resources available. E) Carry other co workers on your back as you labor to exhaustion. F). Perform the task to the most excellent level possible - while many other team members stand with their arms folded while they watch. G) have your superior scream "motivational" messages in your ear while you set new standards for excellence. H) have your superior "coach" you one inch over the finish line - then say one or two nice things, and then walk off - leaving you totally spent, and near death on the other side of the proverbial goal line.

    Motivational video - give me everything you got, or life at ups? You'll have to decide! "give me all you got - and you have all you're going to get!"
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    i) grade 20s - or whatever they are now - get 20+% raises.
    j) you get your 2.5% raise.

    Congratulations. Same plan next week.
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    2.5% would be great!
  12. Monkey Butt

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    You need to include management in their 40's too it would seem.

    Another scenario would be worse ... all these people would be eligible for raises, which means they would be making less already.

    I am a "the glass is half-full" type of person ... or in this case, ... "the glass is full" type of person.
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    This is my first ever post on the Brown Cafe....hello everyone. I just wanted to let you that you should KEEP posting your concerns about the new pay plan. Corporate is reading your posts. They monitor this website regularly. I can't say if they will make any changes but keep letting them know your dissatifcation with it.

    Encourage your fellow UPSers to sign up and post as well. There is much concern about an unhappy frontline management team as we move into negotiations with the Teamsters. They know they need you to get the 2013 contract ratified.

    We should tell Atlanta if they want us to do anything other then the bare minimum they should reconsider giving salary increases to all the loyal UPS management people they screwed. They should also improve management working conditions. Stop asking us to do the impossible, (scratch by June) stop abusing us, stop reducing management staffing, stop retaliating against us for voicing concerns, stop working us 12 to 15 hours a day with no lunch or breaks. Start being fair astart promotions, start treating us with respect! Life since "Transformation" has been miserable. Now is the time for our management team to stand up and tell Atlanta the enough is enough.
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    It's definitely contract season.
  15. menotyou

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    Something the union workforce is well aware of. Who is the one that has to physically make these numbers that you guys stress over?
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    It's called "I'm the company leaders" I can give myself a raise by holding back raises meant for loyal middle management. AND I can hire hundreds of over educated youngsters at 60% of the salary the loyal partners make and push the loyal partners out the window without a buyout offer. The company knows they have loyalty by the balls when the partners are working hard toward their retirement, yes making good money but lets take back all we gave them in the last 10 years by capping merit raises. Perhaps if enouph people (will need hundreds of people) get together that were denied raises but have fully acceptable or better results, a case could be made slapping the company for WRONG DOING and denying at least a fair raise or at least a COLA raise. I get a knot in my stomach reading policies when they are meaningless but for a few.
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    You are right Someday. We are going to have to get together. How do we do that? Do you have any ideas? I think we should start an Association of UPS Management people. I know we can't really unionize but I believe we can get organized to ensure our voices get heard. What do you think?
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    Look at it this way. You already make great money and ups still has to remain profitable so it's like your taking one for the team. I'm always told that teamsters aren't part of the team so you're going to have to do it. At least your still making big bucks.
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    The Employer of Choice Index is going to be very interesting this year. There was seemingly a lot of hand wringing about the low score this year. I know personally, I will no longer recommend UPS as a good place to work. It's sad really...