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  1. mnmoe

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    In The Midwest , In The Past 2 Months, We Have Learned That Us Drivers No Longer Get 40 Mn Of Lunch Taken Out Of Our Day, Unless We Take It, We Can Take 20, And The Rest Is Only Taken Out If We Take It At All My Question To The Rest Of U Is, Is I T True Were U Are
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    it would be nice for you guys .a lot of drivers care about customer's always the drivers who have to give up lunchtime.never the office people or mgrs.or feeders or anyother div.except the's not fair the y are docked for one hour.maybe the suit in ca,did some good.
  3. mikeb

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    here in tennessee we used to have an hour automatically taken out for lunch. that changed in may. now we have to take at least 31 min.
  4. browned_out

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    Out here on the west coast we are required to take a 30 min lunch, it is to be taken between the 4th/5th hour of work. Because of the lawsuit it is mandatory, no exceptions, diad shuts down for 30 min when you punch out for lunch. We have been told that you can be fired if you don't follow the above procedure. Don't short change yourself, take your lunch and do the best you can, thats all the company can expect.
  5. In Our Center the manager makes us sign a paper everyday that states we put an hour for luch in the diad. He doesn't care if we actually take our lunch or not he just wants us to account for it in the diad.
  6. over9five

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    "He doesn't care if we actually take our lunch or not..."

    I hope YOU care.
  7. rod

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    Oh believe me he cares. He would much rather see you skip your break and donate it to the company.:thumbup1:
  8. DS

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    This is the way it should be everywhere.
    I`m going to suggest it for our next contract here in Canada.
    Here they take out 50 min...and I make sure I take it.
  9. jethro

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    In our center we get a message every day reminding us to put an hour lunch in the diad. One week I went over 11 twice had three late air one day not one word about it, forgot to put lunch in board damn heard about that though.
  10. The Brown Santa

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    Yep, same trend I guess.
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    The contract says you are required to take a full hour of lunch.

    If your center does not require everyone in your center/building to take the full hour, then they cannot require you to take any lunch at all. (5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes.)

    If your center manager wants to write you up for not taking your lunch, then your local needs to monitor all timecards for lunch violations. That means if someone says they are at lunch and they deliver during that time, then the company is violating the contract (and possibly state law) by allowing it.

    If one person is shown to be working during their lunch hour and not written up, then no one can be written up for the lunch hour violations, whether they take a lunch or not.
  12. Raw

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    If you show that your on lunch the same time that you are doing work, YOUR FIRED!!!:w00t:
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    We have to show a 10 min paid break and 50 min for lunch. I cant make service on picking up NDA and many times I misss the feeder with my ground packages due to heavy dispatches. I have a rural rt and many times I dont get in untill 9:00.......... They rather work the piss out of me rather than worry about making service on Packages picked up. This opens the door for Fed EX.......... The manditory lunch hour is killing me.
  14. upsgrunt

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    It's not the lunch hour that's killing you; it's the over dispatch/ lousy time study.
  15. govols019

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    The lunch hour isn't killing you. The way you're being dispatched is killing you. UPS has you brainwashed.
  16. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    Great minds think alike? :lol:
  17. upsgrunt

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    Can't deny greatness!
  18. mikestrek

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    Here in central Ca. (Visalia Center) We all had to sign a lunch waiver stating that we wave our right to an hour lunch. We are required to take an 1/2 hour lunch and after 1/2 hour our diad board tells us our lunch time has expierd. Drivers now feel they have to take only a 1/2 hour and not the full hour. No I did not want to sign the waiver but under extreme pressure from management we felt we had to sign, our own shop stewart signed it so we had no union back up. I, like a handfull of other drivers continue to take our full hour lunch break.
  19. over9five

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    "We all had to sign a lunch waiver..."

    Immediately file a greivance! This is an "extra-contractual agreement", and it is NOT allowed!

    (Also, call for a vote for a new shop steward)
  20. 1989

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    When I worked in Washington we had to sign a waiver waiving our right to a second half hour lunch after 11 hours. If you didn't sign it, you would have to take that half hour or get a warning letter.