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    This morning as I was walking to myt truck I overheard our Center Manager asking a employee why he hasn't turned in any sales leads lately, the driver brought up the fact that he turned in 3 sales leads and 2 weeks later noticed a guy in a plain white truck droping off large bulk stops of packages with UPS labels, he asked the guy who he worked for and the guy said UPS Mail Solution, anyway the discussion got heated with the employee and sup, with the sup saying he knew nothing about it(LIE), and the employee saying he will never submit another lead. so anyway what is UPS Mail Solutions?
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    No Clue, but had a package delivered to me via "UPS MAIL SOLUTIONS"

    I'd guess it's just basically the mail. Since that's how it came I think. I unno.
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    UPS Mail innovations.

    we take mail, presort it and deliver it to the final destination....domestically and internationally.

    all mail is under 1 lb and basically goes bulk standard and not first class. We make money on that product. It's especially helpful for customers who send mail worldwide.

    I don't think that is a valid sales lead, you dont get points for it like freight and small package. because it isnt the same kind of product. we do a lot at UPS, more than just packages and pallets.

    Your sup is an idiot.
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    We have delivered trays of mail to the Post Office. The shipper was UPS Mail Innovations. These deliveries were over 2 years ago, it was about the time the Basic delivery volume really started to grow.

    A current employee maybe able to offer some more information.
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    what else do you want to know? mail innovations is still a "mail" product. UPS basic is a package solution.
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    This is exactly the type of innovation that exist at UPS to always find a form of positive revenue. I'm happy to see packages go via UPS in some form or another. I agree that some customers needs just cant be met with the traditional UPS that we all know. So think about it those packages would of been handled by some other form of logistics if not UPS.