Man posing as UPS worker robs Skokie man

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kene1024, Aug 3, 2009.

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    I thought of keeping 1 set for sexual roleplay (who hasn't ) ? LOL

    But, I gave everthing back, including the ones that have should have been thrown away long ago.

    But, forsure, some ex employees kept some. He may be one, but nowadays you can get anything you want online. I bet including UPS uniforms on e-bay or some other site.
  4. Baba gounj

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    Suspect #2 was probably wearing a Fedx uniform, just in case the ups one didn't work.

    I have some old logo outfits left, what will you bid for them ?
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    Where does Firedbrowndriver live?
  6. klein

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    No clue, somewhere in the States. We don't have state panel hearings up north.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    A guy named Yoshii from Germany will be contacting you.
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    I was thinking about that as soon as I read the news article.
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    Loved this person's comment about it, so true. BUT if it would have had UPS spray painted on the side, then of course I would've opened the door. lol

    "How about looking out the front window to see if there is a UPS truck outside? If you see a "cash for clunker" parked outside you should be on alert."
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    I used to get questioned about impostors posing as UPS drivers out on my trip years ago, especially in 2001 after Bin Laden's hits. I used to tell everyone to have their guard up if someone comes in and there is no truck in sight and also if they don't have a DIAD with them. The uniforms are easy to get but the DIAD would be harder to get their hands on and would be a dead giveaway.
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    I first read the title as "Man posting as UPS worker robs Skokie man" :happy-very::knockedout:
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    maybe is was a driver who was laid off?
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    I still have a couple of no logo shirts. Now that's old!
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    plain brown wrapper:wink2:
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    The last Twin Hill shirt I got, the logo fell off when I took it out of the bag. They forgot to iron or glue it on. Its my favorite shirt!
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    What happens when u pass the house by three or so and run back because you are not allowed to back????????????????? lol :happy2: