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  1. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler like an alcoholic...the employees let management have their first drink....then mgmnt gets a comfy buzz, but wants another. employees let that one go too, but then management starts to get omnipotent and arrogant and wants another drink...the buzz is getting too strong now, management is plain sloppy drunk after the 4th drink but the feeling is so good and the bonuses are robust....

    then suddenly *sirens and flashing* they're behind the wheel and pulled over on the expressway by the men in blue. Step out of the car sir, you've had too many drinks to be driving.

    Management is now in jail, sobering up, a month of confinement to their office, plotting their next clever fix...

    so the cycle will continue, as an alcoholic is always an alcoholic
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    Interesting analogy--hope you don't offend anyone here who may have had a problem with alcohol in their past.
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    Numbers are used to judge performance. Everyone wants to do good. Our managers report to their managers and so on up the chain. We as drivers deal with all the feces because we are at the bottom of the hill.
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    im more interested in the foreign policies of uzbekistan then i am in production rates

    i work safe, follow methods, and get to my most important stop every day
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    There's like 5 countries surrounding Uzbekistan and they all end in "stan". What's up with that?
  6. Kazakhstan?
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    I'm a recovering alcoholic, 12 years sober.

    I'm not offended. The analogy is actually a very good one. The inability to deal with life on life's terms, the unwillingness to accept reality, the constant dishonesty, manipulation and denial....there are a number of parallels worth mentioning.

    It has been said here before that skipped lunches are like heroin (or a drink) to management. One is too many, and a thousand will never be enough.
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    Can we do anything when supervisors threaten others with discipline if they do not meet the production standards? As far I know, no one has got any discipline yet but they threaten it to the "least best" on my dock. Anyone know what can be done? Or, is this a we have to wait until they issue a contact type of thing..?
  9. soberups

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    The numbers are important as long as they are based on reality.

    When the numbers arent based on reality....or when the number becomes more important than the business element it was intended to measure (this is a quote from P-man) then we start having problems.
  10. that is a really great way to look at it, I like that quote
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    Perhaps you were doing a number just before you wrote this ... creative! :funny:
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    In our PCM this morning, we were told our start time for next week will be 10 minutes later. When we asked why, we were told that our management team was instructed to cut hours. 40 drivers times 10 minutes is 400 minutes a day. It was either that or cut routes.
    This is what we were told- I'm still trying to figure the logic on that one. Starting 10 minutes later will magically make you punch out 10 minutes sooner? The amount of work on the package car will magically be 20 minutes less? Cutting routes that pre-seniority drivers run, who make$18.00 an hour so that they can pay "old timers" $43.00 an hour overtime with the add cuts?
    What am I missing?
    Why don't I get this?
  13. The driver receiving the threats should immediately file an Article 37 grievance for harrassment and intimidation, and do so for each occurence!
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    If starting 10 minutes later you will hurry more to get the 1030 commits quicker. If they give u less time u will work faster, it is not rocket science. Its UPS. If u are screwing up they have many technologies to tell, if u do it as trained, that will tell too.
    Do not compromise your integrity, if u know it will be tite, tell them, have a witness. Giving you less time to do more is dangerous to our reputation, and your health. Do not let them do it. It may make them better on paper, but worse on safety, and worse on you.
    Im so sick of the way this company makes their employees feel. Its so sad and so not necessary.
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    this is true
  16. spuman

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    this is true also...sorrry i didnt get theat far
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    No my dear you are not at the bottom of the hill. I am. I am in business development. My office turns back flips to get your SLIM lead credited to you so you can get what ever bonus you get in addition to a paycheck that is higher than mine. This at the depravation of my "numbers".

    If you think you are at the bottom of the hill you have never stepped foot into my office. We are the toliet. All the feces are dumped on us and furthermore we are forced to take it and like it. If we have any objections to how we are treated they start on a project to systematically get rid of you. Spend an hour in my office and you would have a whole new outlook on your position.

  18. tiegirl

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    The numbers are NOT based on reality. They are made up, fictious, bogus whatever you want to call them but they are numbers. You can count a package only so many times. The numbers ARE more important than the business element it was intended to measure. So, are we having problems? You have been around longer than me. Tell me what you think.

  19. tiegirl

    tiegirl tiegirl

    What is the most important stop? Home?

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    Your sup's performance is based in numbers.It has always been this way at ups.But the economic turnaround has got the rich shareholders in a snit.The problem is that Your immediate sup is given his/her instructions from another planet. The planet greed.If they cant achieve these numbers they are chastised and go down a few rungs to the land of poo.and are given an ultimatum.Fix it or quit. Everything goes to hell in a tote box after this.I am more than jaded at this point.GM could run this compaqny better.