Management morale has gone completely to sh**

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  1. Has anyone noticed over the last few weeks that the pressure on lower management PT/FT Sups has been extremely high. I can't remember a time in my last 6 years in management where i've been told to do so much union work. My preload manager has 100+ grievences just piling up that aren't getting settled.
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    I know exactly what you mean, except a few weeks ago it was dictated to us no bargaining work is to be done period no matter the circumstances. The morale is terrible. We are running more volume with less staffing, can't make staffing, and keep running into the next sort by at least 20 min every day. The employees are mad, the pt and some ft management are mad and there is nothing we can do about it. People are not showing up to work or coming in late. They are handing out warning letters left and right but nothing seems to be helping. Add all the extra paper work, load quality pictures we have to take with an employee every day and having to turn off belts for 5+ minutes at a time because of the volume and safety issues, it has become an absolutely horrible place to work. I would find another job, but the benefits are what is keeping me there. What other part time job has such good benefits?
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    I'm not in management, but I have noticed this as a steward. My guess is it has a lot to do with the historical numbers crunch of the second quarter as volume drops from spring to mid-summer. I've been seeing some pretty flagrant :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: in the hub lately on other sorts and it usually gets corrected/shuffled elsewhere after a few grievances get filed, but not lately.
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    Volume is down. Suck it up and manage your time.

    But, seriously ...

    I work with good people, odds are you work with good people too - just enjoy that; and when they get crazy with the safety stuff: do what I do - just don't do it. Insist that you can make production, or be safe, but not both. If you are anything like me, they crap their pants at the thought of you not coming to work. So, they won't fire you - hell, they won't fire anyone. Which, in that case .......... carry on, nothing to see here. It's just another brand of crazy; this too shall pass.
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    A UPS Preloader! :funny:
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    I noticed as a soon as a dart injury happens staffing is momentarily corrected.
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  7. Look up Sun-Tsu and his principles of winning a war (same for Clausewitz).
    The US of A was borne out of the principle of "No taxation without representation"
    In UPS, we may have to adjust this sentence to "No change of standards without representation by frontline personnel", as standards apparently have been raised to a level, where PTS and FTS are not designed to win the war of numbers together with the other side of the table.
    The amount of FTS/PTS work is increasing (as a consequence of standards set by personnel who have never seen loading a UOW, this is my assumption). So, is the amount of grievances just a cost of doing business? How ethical is this?
    And then, PTS have to submit more and more paperwork, which in no way support any kind of improvement of working condition and making work smarter and more efficient. On the contrary.
    Let me put it this way. More "administrative" work is piled on to the PTS/FTS, less resources (labor) is planned (as per standards), more late UOW is arriving after the sort has ended, going into a period, where drivers have already letf (resulting in LIB's), thus driving down achievement.
    Is this the way to win an economic battle and war?
    When I see new candidates on their initial tour, getting accepted, being exposed to harsh realities, I definitely do not see ANY change whatsoever between the time when I was hired and today.
    It reminds me of something else. Aviation and maintenance. Pre-war, the level of technology required a certain number of mechanics, looking after engines and aircrafts, all at a certain cost level. Today, requirements have changed drastically, cost levels have changed, and who is going to perform maintenance as it is required by FAA/DOT standards? At what cost?
    Another allegory. Maybe you know about the legendary reliability of the old Volkswagen Beetle boxer engine. I do not see this reliability any more, but what I see is the perception of "must have a high-powered car with an acceleration 0-60 below 10 seconds, a gas mileage North of 40 mpg, comfort, button-availability for every "comfort" requirement? At what price?
    Yes, UPS is profitable (undeniably), but who contributes to the profit making? Is it Operations (domestic/international), is it Finance (they even made a profit out of the TNT exercise by - if I read it correctly budgeting USD 210 M and spending only USD 170 M), despite all the "little" detractions such as a USD 40 M settlement with DOJ and and a proposed fine of "peanuts" USD 4M for operating non-airworthy aircraft (this claim is definitely opposed by UPS), but in the end it comes down to Joe/Jane loader/unloader/whatever to get the boxes out to the customer in a manner, so that the customer can receive it and without any damages or claims.
    My view is very limited (small center somewhere South of the Mason-Dixie line), but I have worked elsewhere and know how to connect the points. We do have the means, but we are squandering them from a resource point of view due to standards having been set by personnel (bean counters?), whose sole purpose is to show a profit on a spreadsheet without shedding one drop of sweat (they are all in air-conditioned accommodations, whereas the frontline is down in the trenches; and believe me, I have seen the trenches in North-Western Europe, a terrible sight when you have only the smallest inkling of history).
    We have qualities and can fight the competitors, but we should be very careful in husbanding these resources.
    I am linked to two FTS (he/she/it). One is not very far away from Sergeant Major Williams in the old British sitcom "It ain,t hot mom" with his "SHUT-UP" attitude and apparent projection of influence (at the end of WW2, he has nothing left to go to), the other one on the surface appears more understanding, but has resigned to an internal emigration, considering all the signals given to me. Both of them have no more choices. They have sold their future to the company. They will do whatever comes until they are broken or promoted. But the resources available to them get more and more limited and restrictive
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    What I've noticed is an increase in Union people doing management work..... which is standing there and watching management handling packages... making sure they were following the 8 keys to Lifting and Lowering, 5 keys to avoiding Slips & Falls...etc. Our supervisors do an excellent job and I congratulate them every time...

    Note 1: This is in honor Hoaxster btw.....

    Note 2... I actually feel sorry for many of you management people under numbers game all the time. I look at supervisors working in several ways:

    1) If you are are not supervising.....and if you are not really may be losing production by the hourly elsewhere. I really cannot tell you how many hourly slow down when they see supervisors working... It is a non confrontational method of enforcing the contract language.

    2) Even if you work with few labor complaints.......your numbers will still max out and your MAR will be readjusted...

    3) My manager informs me that he does not want his supervisors working.......he feels that having to do the work themselves means that they do not have the ability to supervise.
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    Hmmmm ...

    Channel much?
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    no I do not.
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    If some overweight old dude with a beard and long hair appears in your dream ... it's OK.
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    haha. As long as the old dude is not naked? I'll be fine.
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    How does the thread go from management complaining about how horrible the company is (even though they tell us to stop bitching because we're lucky to even have a job..)to naked old men with beards jumping into peoples
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    Tra la lalala la! Ain't Brown grand?
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    Some posters have tangents.
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    It's been extra rough this week since its an accrual week. Enough said.
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    Look on the bright side, you'll be getting a .62/share dividend on May 29 if you truly are a partner.
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    Because management morale is so bad we don't even care about management morale any more.
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    Morale is low and Production is Up ....stocks are at an all time high of $85 and some change... hmmm what do you think the higher up are thinking?
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    They are smiling and singing softly to themselves "Where there's whip, there's a way".

    Which is why I enjoy all the posts on the threads bemoaning "harassment", when will it end? Why does this company do it?

    Why?- Because it works. - That is what the higher ups are thinking.