Management Retirement at 59

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    The "retirement at age 59 enhancement rumor" seems to have died down. Is it because there has been more civil unrest regarding the spousal exclusion than they anticipated or are they just waiting until the contract is ratified to make sure that issue is out of the way? Anyone have any input? That announcement will push alot people over the deep end. Most manangement will be so disgruntled they will make Donna look like she is "brown-blooded"
  2. I am sure Corporate has a few more tricks up their sleeve to "enhance" the benefits and compensation for the "top notch" employees of this once great company. The spousal exclusion if the tip of the ice burg. The days of "perks or fringe benefits" are over. You will pay for everything you get. Therefore you will be force to work longer in life just to survive. The trick is to manage you life style and expenses. Save your money and invest for your future, because the company you work for no longer will. Although UPS seems to be taking more than giving these days, it is a growing trend in America today. Until the countries leadership rebuilds our economies and strengthen our countries worth, we as American will continue to see the extras in our workplaces disappear. Is it time for a revolution in this country? Is it time for the middle class to stand up and demand rest of the country pay their share? Is it time for companies that export jobs to be punished instead of being rewarded? The answer in my opinion is YES!
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    Which is worse - the lower class that sponges off society or the Corporations that don't feel an obligation to society?
  4. There in the same class. If we made the super rich pay and cut the lazy people off, the problem is solved.
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    Who determines who is lazy or who is incapable ... truly in need?
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    It has to be looked at. Something has to be done. The taxpayers are burdened enough already The Bank of Welfare is running out of other peoples money.

    "Poor" Households Getting $168 in Welfare Per Day from Taxpayers - Katie Pavlich

    Eleven States already have more people receiving government assistance than they have in the private sector

    Do You Live In A Death Spiral State? - Forbes

    Is it time for a revolution?
    the time gets closer everyday............
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    Corporations are now people according to the Supreme Court and the Republicans. So since corporations have created(in the last 20 years?) this current Corporate culture of NOT REWARDING THEIR MANAGEMENT WORKFORCE FOR A LIFETIME OF DEDICATION AND HARDWORK ITS PRETTY SAD because Corporations depend on society to exist.

    20 years ago going into management at UPS was a big deal and seemed like a great career path to acheive respect and get $$$reward for hard work.

    There is definitely a negative vibe lately in management at UPS and it doesnt really seem directed at the Teamsters if that makes sense.
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    Yes free market globalization has worked out very well for Corporations that pay no tax and JOB CREATORS FOR OTHER NATIONS LIKE TWITT ROBME.

    We cant even get the Republicans and conservatives to raise minimum wage AT ALL when the numbers show that minimum wage increases will not really drive up prices that much overall.


    I think young people in America today are now more concerned about the next iphone release than they are about Corporate greed. AMERICA IS IN TROUBLE.
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    The article clearly outlines which group of moochers get this level of subsidization and also that this cost per day includes administrative cost to provide these services.

    I agree the title is totally misleading but for the subset of moochers she is talking about, these costs are believable.
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    I think the word troll is abused around here.Some people are just dickheads.
    I agree myself that the camaraderie we had here a few years ago has deteriorated.
    A few years ago,after reading the new posts,I'd go to the chat and see who was there.
    Talking to people in real time removes the barrier that separates us.
    Some may be using the current one,but every time I log in there it's just dead air.
    I miss it a lot.
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    Great question.

    In my opinion the Corporations that don't feel an obligation to society are worse.

  13. Deadbeat, lazy people who expect a handout have drained this country and destroyed the American dream. I was raised to believe if you wanted better you worked for it, you did not wait till it was handed to you. In todays world people get free: healthcare, housing, food, educations. People believe they are entitled to free internet and cell phone. Its ridiculous! I have a fix for the welfare problem in this country: GET A JOB or DO WITHOUT! As for Corporate greed.. The lawmakers in this country should be ashamed of the mess they have made. The publically elected officials should have to live on welfare until the country in out of the red and in the black. If that's too tough then find leaders who give a damn about the people and not the all mighty dollar.
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    So, you don't plan on any Social Security or any Medicare when you turn 65 ?? If you accept these, you will be counted among the welfare recipients!! That's a fact, Jack!
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    Post In The Wrong Thread Much?
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    It's pretty clear that The brown hornet was referring to "Welfare" and most likely unemployment insurance, not Social security and medicare.
    However, Social Security is messed up. It has been for years. The idea behind social security was when enacted very few people (percentage wise) lived til 65. Back when it was created people retiring and living for another 20 years wasn't any where near the norm. This was meant to be a way of assisting people who got to "old age". It was also meant to be a "portion" of their income, with roughly 1/3 coming from SS, 1/3 from savings and 1/3 from a pension. That was the original intent. If you happened to have a job without a pension, then your savings would need to cover 2/3 of your expenses. Now, people cry unfair that Social security can't be lived on. It was never meant to be. Also, when it first came out the percentage that was taxed and on the income threshold was way lower then what it is now.

    Social security should have been set up at the beginning to increase the age minimum's as people lived longer. It's pretty common to have people live til 80 now. Normal retirement should be closer to 70 by now (maybe a bit older).
  17. Honestly, If it cuts the 30 or more percent on the country that draws social security and have never worked a day, your damn right I do without it. I would adjust my lifestyle and saving. That's a Fact!!!
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    Well,yes.Is this a reprimand?
    You're a mod,just move it to the appropriate thread.
    You management guys know everything,even after you retire.
    Ok I messed up.
    I agree with integrity
    The people that have had to struggle to live have never known what it's like to have a steady income.
    Us ups folks know that you have to give to receive.
    There is no easy job at ups.
    Am I off topic again?
    I just think that corporate ideals have taken a front seat to the old days when Jim Casey
    was in charge.Now it's all about production,The only thing that may save us is everyone
    is doing it.We know production.
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    There's a new iphone coming out? Holy crap I'm so excited. I have so much to look forward to now..... I better start saving. I'm gonna call in sick tomorrow so I can browse the internet looking for all the new iphone rumors. Thank you for giving meaning to my life again. Praise Jebus.
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    I don't plan on social security when I turn 65..... Most young people don't. Most of us have accepted that the wave of baby boomer retirements will finish off the ponzi scheme long before we're eligible.

    I think we're ALMOST off topic enough now lol.
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