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  1. gamer282

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    Is this really an issue here? I gave my manager a package at approx. 440 pm he recorded it as closed 10 minutes later even though it was an incorrect add and 20 miles away.
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    The same supervisor does this on a regular basis. Drivers have told me a lot of stories. They are being told to do the same thing. You go to the business stop at 1230 and they are closed he wants the driver to record the stop after 1 so as to not get dinged with the 12 to 1 non delivery time for businesses. Another driver was told by him to deliver as many business stops by 5 as he could and then record the ones he couldn't get before 5 so as to not show up late.
    Believe it!
    This business closes at 6. 1zt2t1683710100127

    Their pets are running 2 and 3 hours under, in their cars working off the clock an hour before start time and running 3 hours under. Yesterday 3.27 hours under...................
  2. local804

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    This is one of those situations where is "Do as I say not as I do" comes to play. Sooner or later it will catch up to him. Integrity does not only apply for drivers.
  3. brownmonster

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    Must be how they are trained. Happens everywhere. Day definate guarantee is supposed to mean delivered not pretend attempted. It all comes down from above. No one has the time to do a correct job.
  4. JustAnother#@UPS

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    It's hard to have integrity when your a hypocrite. Our management team will say one thing and do another when it comes to covering their own hide. There are a lot of disgruntled drivers here as well as management, do to a new Div manager. He has slowly lost the respect of both hourly and salary employees.
  5. over9five

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    Use a payphone and report this to the Corporate Integrity Hotline. This is unacceptable behaviour, and must be reported. Your management team is screwing our customers.
  6. upsdude

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    The first tracking number has too many numbers. The second one shows out for delivery and delivered on the same day.
  7. local804

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    The first one does have too many numbers, second one I think he was talking about 2/2
  8. neverskiplunch

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    Put papers on his :censored2:. Thats dishonest. he'll want to fire you for that. Do what's right.
  9. DS

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    This is from the ups code of business conduct.

    For decades, UPS people have been motivated by commonly held principles
    and values that have allowed us to work toward mutual goals. These
    principles and values, originally established by our founders, remain as
    constant and as critical to our success as ever. The core of these values,
    which still inspires UPS employees today, is that UPS is a company of
    honesty, quality, and integrity. This legacy is fundamental to our ability to
    attract and retain the best people, gain and keep the trust of our customers,
    create shareowner value, support the communities in which we operate, and
    protect our reputation.
    It has always been, and continues to be, our policy to conduct business
    in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance
    with the highest ethical standards. We expect — as we always have —
    that UPS employees, and the people acting on our behalf, will adhere to
    these principles.
    These are good rules
    over9five...we need people like YOU in charge
  10. upsdude

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    In the past management liked to use “Not Ready” as a method for hiding missed pieces. A new center manager came in a couple months ago and put the brakes on that deal. The manager’s first PCM said it all. “It is what it is”, if it’s missed, it’s missed. Hiding a problem will NEVER fix a problem. Amen.
  11. gamer282

    gamer282 Go Packers!

    Sorry, 1z3690350342144159 I doubled 035.
  12. disneyworld

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    Work toward mutual goals? That's a joke. Everyday is a power struggle at this company. Don't ever turn your back on anyone with a tie. A bunch of cut throats
  13. HazMatMan

    HazMatMan New Member

    I think that would be an integrity issue and a driver i'm sure would get his ass reamed for doing the same thing.
  14. Channahon

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    Over 9 five gave the best advice - make the call
  15. Cole

    Cole New Member

    First if they instruct you not to deliver between 12:00 and 1:00 then do as instructed as always. If there is an integrity issue where these records are being falsified, you can either file a grievance, or call LP (Loss prevention) or both. Heads will likely roll though, as I have seen it happen.
  16. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    In the ELI region there are alot of ex UPS suits that are now working there. I would rather call the employee hotline and bypass the conflict of interest LP dept.