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    Hello! I've been Part-Time at UPS Local 89 in Louisville for Six years. I work M-F nights. My crew was told that this weekend of Saturday and Sunday were both mandatory. Do I have to work both days without a break in between my next M-F days? Because 12 straight work days is already going to be stressful enough. If I do not show up, by calling-in or telling my Supervisor, will I receive an occurrence in return of not being there for the weekend? In the past that I remember, they never said Mandatory and was on a seniority list on who wanted to work and not. Thanks!

    Also another small question. My Full-Time Manager is trying to get people to sign their rights away on our 30 minute lunch break that is required by law. Is there any reason he's being so pushy on this? Thanks again!
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    You have been there for 6 years and you don't know the game ups plays

    Go find your steward and if you can find him or he doesn't know anything , then go find the FT steward
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    Was Sat posted on your start work schedule last Fri? If so, I'd say yes, you would get an occurrence. Same for Sun, if listed on this Fri start work schedule.

    Check with your steward for sure though.
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    Call Fred Z and bitch at him. He wants you to call him.
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    Our weekend is voluntary. I declined
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    If Higbee thinks I'm working one minute past midnight he can kiss my foot!
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    Darn, I over slept past the call times. I'll try to call tomorrow then.

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    Times have changed

    First off, its 10 days (next week is only M-W)

    Second, UPS is handing out money like it's got ebola. Unless it breaks a state law or the contract, take all the hours that you can. That's how you become wealthy and it shows character. For God's sake, you work here part time, You should be looking for any available hours to work. If it screws up a second job, then I don't blame you for not taking it. If you really are that tired already, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN THE DRIVER LIST EVER.

    Thirdly, If you work 8 hours you make sure you get every break and your 30 minute lunch period. It's a law for a reason.
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    Times have changed in Louisville also. As I said before my work week would be a 12 days without a day off. Yeah, it still is. I've been coming in at 8 pm everyday since Saturday and leaving at 6:30-7:00 am. Even my schedule lists myself working for the rest of this week. So, on Friday it will be my 12th day. It's odd you'd think I'd work 10 days and not the rest. Since, I've always worked Eve and Christmas day since I first started.
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    I remember once when I was a driver, I once worked 19 days in a row. (3 full weeks with the 2 weekends in between) But I was a young buck, and FT. I might have mumbled a little bit, but I took their money. lol
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    Back then, there was no cutoff or curfew, you didn't come back to the building till everything was delivered. Thanks to the preloader I had, I stayed out late a lot. UPS didn't mind writing a check for whatever it took to make service.