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    I have a genuine concern about the ability of UPS (company) to manipulate our work via order volume. The new norm of 8 hour days is not magic; corporate has obviously made strategic decisions on which orders to accept/decline and/or where to draw the line. I’m a new-ish cover driver, less than one year driving, and this effects me greatly being near the bottom of the list.

    Can anyone here actually explain what is going on from a technical standpoint?

    Is the missing 10-15% order volume going to Surepost? Amazon? FedEx?

    Low seniority Union members are at the mercy of corporate if UPS simply decides to decline business or push it off to the USPS, etc.
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    What is it you want to know?
  3. RTCD

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    How did they do it? Did they just adjust cutoff times or weight cutoffs, etc.? Will they ever adjust it back?
  4. silenze

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    I would imagine they just adjust their pricing.
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    If we grow you will not be at the bottom long. Folks quit, get hurt, retire, and go insane (we call them management). Next month you will have lots of work.
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    Aren't most buildings just putting in the extra routes to get the 8hr days? We are definitely putting in extra routes here. There's resi split cars in that usually we don't see until peak.
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    No new routes. It’s lke someone snapped their fingers and created 7 to 9 hr days across the board. I’m just curious as to how they actually did it and where the overage went.
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    I can get in around 8hrs on Monday and Tuesday but the rest of the week I’m usually right at 9.5 or over.Sometimes they send help sometimes they don’t.
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    In our center we're running 40 extra routes right now over July/August. We're still slated to put in another 60-75 routes extra for peak.
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    Yes, your correct this isnt magic, neither was the 22.4 proposal only worse going forward. M T. W TH. F SAT. SUN
    RPCD'S M T. W. TH. F
    22.4 TUES thur Sat T W TH. F. SAT
    22.4. W Thur Sun W TH. F. SAT SUN
    What is apparent is Rpcd's are only needed Monday's
    Double coverage Tuesdays and Saturdays
    Triple coverage Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday's.
    22.4s only Sunday'a
    Regardless of protections a first year 22.4 costs less at overtime than full seniority Rpcd's. That coupled with the inherent "flexibility " built into the 22.4 position it would be insane to not work them 12 to 14 hours per day and us only 8.
    I provide this not to provide comfort but so you can plan accordingly financially for your future at UPS as an RPCD. Surveying those i personal know in feeders my guess is it wil take somewhere around 24 to 36 months for feeder to be staffed so we have 6 or 7 day a week package delivery available nationwide. That seems to fit with what the company is saying to investors as far as timelines. At anyrate wife and i are planning on having all our debt paid in 12 to 20 month's then only 8 to 10 years left on the house. Thats our plan, plan accordingly to your situation.
    Btw. Before anyone gets all wound up Yes i understand the protections in the contract for RPCD'S. The only ones with any real protections are the ones in NorCal. And they still as far as i can tell have the technology and discipline section so its its realistically a wash.
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  11. Brown287

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    There’s no reduction in volume.....just a reduction in stops per truck. We are running more trucks then ever and like said above this is just the beginning.

    The days of 12 hrs of work are over and will only be a topic brought up by old timers like we now speak of paper and wooden shelves.

    Not sure about the timeline on 7 day operation as we already had a pull back on Saturday’s due to its financial loss.

    New drivers will most certainly need to decide for themselves rather this job is worth it for the pay that is offered. Some markets will most certainly do better than others as the locations cost of living will play a huge part.

    In the mean time there’s lots of options for extra hours, some less glamorous than others. Safety Committee hours are a percentage of your centers total paid hours so look there first. Generally it’s an extra hour each morning which equals an extra $1000 a month.

    Good luck.
  12. eats packages

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    He might have a point.
    Packages seem to be suspiciously light for what people normally order in my area.
    Maybe that feeling is simply because my cars are going out half empty.
    But you never know.
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    Have you ever been told not to pick up volume? Your center is probably experiencing a natural lull. I do know, however, that they can hold trailers at hubs, and advance loads when they need to. There could be some juggling going on to even out volume. I have seen a pretty hefty surge in surepost being delivered to the Post Office in my center.
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    They will never not pick up packages. More boxes, more money for them. I would have to agree that it is possibly a lull in your area. We have been running this 8.2-8.5 plan for about 8 weeks, they just added a bunch of routes. Our volume at our building for this time of year is high and they just adjusted with all the new hires and on the road working every day instead of just 2-3 days a week.
  15. soberups

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    12 hour days will be back as soon as the company decides that Stops Per Car is the flavor of the week like it was in 2010/2011.
  16. Brown287

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    At this point I wouldn’t bet either this point I’m even missing the “gotta have a sales lead” days.
  17. Active Member

    Safety committee doesn't get an extra hour at our building. So that isn't everywhere.
  18. Brown287

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    Safety hours are a OSHA requirement, as your center manager if you guys are reaching your mandated hours and if not.....volunteer.
  19. soberups

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    Our Local prohibits union members from participating on the so-called “Safety committees” so they are composed entirely of management.
  20. Brown287

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    Unreal.....well that’s free money that you’re giving up. Not sure they can do that, might be a good idea to verify the legality of that. 1 hour of OT a day equals an extra $1000 a month. So looks like you have 1000 reasons to find out.