Martin Luther King

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  1. Oakmaster

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    not a holiday to UPS?
  2. retired2000

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    no, but is should be a light day on deliveries
  3. HazMatMan

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    This should be a paid holiday for us but it is not, many people at UPS take off, some because they believe in King and some because they are just going with the "flow" UPS management actually checks back records of the employees to see who takes off this day and who doesn't.
  4. rod

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    Isn't he that guy that "had a dream" that his wife would ignore all the messing around with other women he did?
  5. tieguy

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    it would be a credit to the organization if they honored their non-white employees by making MLK's birthday a holiday. I have heard many arguments for and against but I definitely think he earned it.

    I can not for the life of me imagine having the courage to fight racial injustice in some of the towns he went into. :thumbup1:
  6. The purpose of MLK Day is not to "honor" any race or color of people. It is meant only to honor the memory of MLK. To set aside a day to honor non-white employees only is racist. Next thing you know, they will have to honor all white employees only. It's ludicrous. The whole point of MLK's message was to create a colorblind society, and you seem to want to point out the colors. That is totally contrary to everything that he stood for, and everything that our Constitution stands for. What an ignorant posting.
  7. MLK

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    I heard this author on the radio yesterday and his point of view made sense to me. MLK's dream was for a colorblind society and this man's book is a step in that direction. Here's a link to an opinion piece he wrote:

    The age of white guilt: and the disappearance of the black individual

    What is white guilt? It is not a personal sense of remorse over past wrongs. White guilt is literally a vacuum of moral authority in matters of race, equality, and opportunity that comes from the association of mere white skin with America's historical racism. It is the stigmatization of whites and, more importantly, American institutions with the sin of racism. Under this stigma white individuals and American institutions must perpetually prove a negative--that they are not racist--to gain enough authority to function in matters of race, equality, and opportunity. If they fail to prove the negative, they will be seen as racists. Political correctness, diversity policies, and multiculturalism are forms of deference that give whites and institutions a way to prove the negative and win reprieve from the racist stigma.
  8. Jones

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    Ya know, I happen to agree with you that the purpose of Martin Luther King day is to honor the memory of the man and his accomplishments, but don't you think your own post was a little over the top? Misinterpreting the reasoning behind a Federal holiday doesn't make someone an ignorant racist, and it's certainly possible to correct an honest mistake without insulting the other person. Unless of course that was the whole reason for your post in the first place.
  9. Slothrop

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    Ya know Jones, I agree with you to a point. However, there comes a history with anyone who has posted here for a time. Tieguy is one of those who has a history on this forum, and a number of UPS related boards, as not being the most civil person (I know, I should talk). Given his history, it is understandable the conclusion a reader may have reached.

    If any post in this thread should be criticized, I would vote for Rod's.

    Martin is truly a King among men.
  10. over9five

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    What's the difference between Martin Luther King Day and Saint Patricks Day?
  11. Anon

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    St. Pat is not an American hero?
  12. dekadu

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    "it would be a credit to the organization if they honored their non-white employees"

    What??? Name one holiday that UPS has that honors their white employees? THERE AREN'T ANY!
  13. local804

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    Good thing your retired buddy
  14. satellitedriver

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    Read your link.
    I found it to be a long winded circular thesis.
    I judge only by the actions and character of a person, not the "group" that they belong to. White guilt is a mantle I will not wear. My Grandfather was murdered by a black man and his wife, leaving a pregnant widow with 5 children in 1913. My father never harbored resentment toward the color of the man that killed his father and never showed a sign of prejudice to any of his children.
    The term white guilt is foreign to me. Since every coin has two sides, is there black guilt out there?
  15. MR_Vengeance

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    180 stops....... called for help.
  16. MR_Vengeance

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    we should have few holidays for sitting bull and crazy horse too.

    But seriously, all color issues aside. The only good speech made by king was this one:

    "If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, like Shakespeare wrote poetry, like Beethoven composed music; sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper, who swept his job well.’”
  17. tieguy

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    As I would state about yours. You can't seperate the man from what he represented. He represents a man of color who led his people out of a time of extreme discrimination. Now you can try to sell the color blind theme to whomever will listen to your rantings and ravings but the fact is he didn't lead the whites away from oppression they had every thing. Martin luther kings day is not only a celebration of a color blind society but its a test as to whether whites will let a man of color be honored the way white leadership has been honored. His day is a test as to whether we who are white can suppress the last vestige of racism and let a man of color have his well deserved day. Whether you want to throw racism into the mix or not is totally irrelevant. A man of color will look at MLK's birthday as his day to celebrate his heritage and his release from oppression. Its his day to celebrate a freedom he had been denied many years solely because he happened to be born non-white. Whites try to somehow suppress this thought by pointing out MLK's vision of a color blind society. This is meant to neutralize the point we gave a black man a national holiday and your pointing to this concept reeks of racism.
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    Aww.. Come on now... 95 of those were closed business
  19. Everyone wants to talk about Martin Luther King...but what about Columbus? We wouldn't even be here talking about this if Columbus didn't sail the ocean blue. I don't know if my conscience will let me work on Columbus day any more - I just feel so strongly about it. If I can't find a Columbus day march somewhere I'll just celebrate by going fishing or something.
  20. MR_Vengeance

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    i wish, this is a resi route. 6 closed holiday stops.........