Mass hiring and being pulled from bid route

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by scoutlover, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. scoutlover

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    This year they put on a ton of full time drivers, and are now starting on the RTD'S. They are hiring so many that they are going to take the bottom half of the bid drivers and force them into coverage while parking the new RTD'S on those routes from now through peak. It's still getting ironed out, but it looks like the local is on board with this. Is there anything we can do? And there is nothing in our supplement about having a penalty from being pulled off our bid routes like in other areas.

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  2. Dr.Brownz

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    Grieve under whatever part of the contract talks about employee's being assigned preferred work?
  3. barnyard

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    If the local is 'on board' with it, I suspect there is nothing you can do.
  4. Brownslave688

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    Rtd's? How in the hell can they start seasonal drivers already?
  5. International

    (202) 624-6800
  6. scoutlover

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    In our area, RTD'S are used from June 1st to January 1st.

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  7. TooTechie

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    Local can be on board all they want, but if a local Officer attempts to make an extra-contractual agreement with the company which goes against the contract ratified by members and a member wishes to file a grievance exercising his right under the ratified contract the local would then have a tough decision to make.

    The local could risk a law suit arising from its "Duty of Fair Representation." I've seen it before...a member of a local to which I used to belong brought suit and counsel for the local said the member would probably win. That special agreement with the company went out the window pretty quickly.
  8. barnyard

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  9. scoutlover

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    I'm interested to hear what other people are going to be going through with this. Surely we're not alone.

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  10. Bubblehead

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    I'm not familiar with the acronym RTD, but if I'm assuming correctly through context, it is a seasonal driver?
    If so, they don't start here in the Central Region until November.
    That being said, it has always been my understanding that the contractual implications regarding "extra contractual agreements" was that they could not be entered into by the company and employee, not the company and local union.
    "Letters of Understanding" are often entered into between the company and union in areas that are "gray".
    I would say that pulling people off their bid routes for an extended period of time that isn't an emergency, with the permission of the local would be grounds for an unfair labor practice charge with the NLRB against the local and company.
    In the meantime, the company gets what it wants until the process takes it course, which will probably stretch well,into next year.
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    QKRSTKR Active Member

    They should use training areas for new hires. Ups will get away with whatever you let them. Have you actually talked to the local or is it hearsay?
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We used to have one training for the center---we now have one per loop (5 loops).

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  13. scoutlover

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    I've talked to my stewards about it but their phone calls to the BA are not being answered or returned.

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  14. dqs95124

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    If you bid a "training rt" and won it. No recourse. You knew what was going to happen. That's why when I got my route I made a copy of the original bid sheet and informed my steward and BA that this is not a training rt. I know they can try and change it. But that's not what I bid on. Good luck,