Maybe this is one of the problems in Florida now?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by dannyboy, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. dannyboy

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    Nothing like taking a lawyer and putting then in charge of package delivery operations. They look good on paper and move on. Many times leaving damage that will show up only with time, and then takes many years to correct. But after they leave, what do they care.

    Make the promotion, do what ever it takes to look good on paper, and never ever look back. Its someone else's problem now. Seen it here locally many times.

    Talk about legacy.

  2. trickpony1

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    One moment you defend management and the next moment you don't.
    Which are we to believe?
  3. tieguy

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    I don't know I think he has been pretty outspoken against mismanagement with this company. What he is not is a one trick pony who only knows how to bad mouth management. He calls em like he sees em.
  4. wily_old_vet

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    Trick-You sound like you believe that everything is mgts fault and never the worker's. In the real world that is just not the case. There is enough blame for everyone to get their share.
  5. dannyboy

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    Trick, it is easy to paint every one of one position, race, color, religion, ethnic background, or political party in one color. Its called bigotry. And it leads to many problems and misconceptions, such in your case.

    I see each individual person instead. I don't see a manager, I see a person. I don't see a driver, I see a person.

    Therefor if I notice that someone, regardless of what they do for UPS, screws up that is what I see and comment on.

    For instance, hiding behind the name trick pony allows you to post however you wish, you could be management or hourly, full or part time, bright or stupid, only your posts can reveal your real insight as to who you are.

    In this case I was commenting on the promotion of an outside hire, a lawyer, that was made the head of the Florida delivery system. More than likely with a three or four week crash course on how to run the show. Then after looking good on paper for a year, they move the person up to the inside circle with Mike. Fast track I believe it is called.

    Any more questions?


  6. rushfan

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    We had a supervisor come to us from the phone center, yes the phone center. he never delivered a package in his life. While on road with him, I could tell he was tired after 50 stops.

    We now have someone in one of our centers from overgoods warehouse. What the hell are they thinking?
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    I am in Central Florida and I know who you are talking about even though Cheryl pulled the name.
    Times were interesting under that regime.
    I am considered a "troublemaker" in my area because I stand up for myself and for others that need the help.
    When this person was down here, my center manager lied twice about him coming in to the building so that I would not be able to meet him. The third time he was here I was called at home and offered a day off!
    I finally was able to meet him about two weeks before he left. He was in the building to give the managers their stock bonus that day.
    I guess the boss gave up on giving me a day off at peak to avoid meeting him!
  8. dannyboy

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    Not really sure why she pulled the name, it was publicly posted verbatim on the front page of Brown Caf, under the story headline that Lea was hanging it up. I would understand that for the average Joe Schmo not getting their names posted might be a good thing, but when you start taking about Mike and the inner Circle, I do believe they are fair game.

    But it is her site and I respect her decision.

    As to the treatment of avoidance you got trying to keep you away from the manager, I too have been "guided" to days off, kept out late, or some safety "emergency" reared its ugly head just in time to keep me away. I would guess that sometimes being outspoken is not what they want?

    Although I was afforded the opportunity to attend the BOD meeting and luncheon a few years back. And while the conversation was somewhat limited there was no agenda at the dinner table.

    AT that time there were several good men still on the Board, but would not be for long. I would love to see a dynamic figure take the visual helm of UPS. But I guess a career in number crunching would preclude someone from even having a sense of humor.

  9. iloadthetruck

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    This is what worries me and my fellow supervisors. Just because you have a degree in IE should not qualify you to do everything in the UPS world. The IE sups I know are great, smart people, but none of them have ever worked as an hourly for a single day, nor does it appear any management skills are taught to them when they get their degree. The rest of us, with the real experience, and the leadership ability, are ignored because we don't have the right "qualifications." If I had an IE degree I would have been hired full-time, but instead I'm supposed to work my way up. Screw that, I'm getting a graduate degree and hopefully becoming overqualified and kicking some butt on my way up through the ranks. :2guns:
  10. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    I hope you do, kick butt that is.

    That is what really pushes my button is that we have many great sups, many of them with real experience and also the education to hold the job they have. But in waltzes IE to tell you every thing you know is wrong, and you will( notice I said will and not should) run your center this way. And you can not deviate from the plan they give you. You can not add a route when you think you need one, but feel free to cut one or two if you wish. But you WILL NOT add one without their permission.

    So why do we need delivery sups and center managers? Except to figure out who gets days off, cover sick employees and vacations, many functions that can be handled by OMS personnel. Oh and yes, someone to fill out all those new forms, you know, all the paper work that for some reason they need to fill out. And all those 150-250 emails a day asking for all the little mundane forms that only many layers of management can dream up. You know, the ones that really don't have a position right now, but are working "special assignment" because they need a title?

    Really a shame. The few make all the decisions for the rest and all that talent and experience is wasted. Same with the drivers. Why manage all of us so much. We know our jobs, and we do know what makes a good day vs a poor day production wise. And we don't need a pile of made up time studies that can be changed by the push of a few buttons to take allowances away, to know which is which.

    Enough rant.

    Hey Mikey, tap into the talent you have and watch this company grow faster, better, and with more profit then you ever dreamed.

    Or not.


  11. cheryl

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    A long time ago I was advised not to allow any names to be posted here to avoid any defamation of character claims. You're right, Mike and the inner circle would most likely be considered public figures and are probably fair game. I'd still rather take a conservative approach and avoid these types of issues. was actually sued not too long ago for defamation. If I recall correctly the people that brought the lawsuit were teamster officials...
  12. dannyboy

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    Like I said, its your site, and you have to answer to what could be libelous on this site. After all, it would be your deep pockets they would be after, not my threadbare and full of holes pants.:wink:

    But as stated, I respect your decision and understand taking caution maybe overboard sometimes to be safe.

  13. In my career one ogf the phrases that struck fear in my heart was "I'm from corporate, I'm here to help.'

    The other side of the argument is that when UPS brings talent in from the outside, as we did for many years in our technology area, having those folks spend 6-8 weeks, or longer, driving, managing, or serving in several functions, was invaluable training. The success of it has been proven time and time again. It is great for the up and coming manager, even if they won't work in the operation again, but maybe not so great for the district because of their inexperience.

    Go UPS!
  14. over9five

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    " would be your deep pockets they would be after, not my threadbare and full of holes pants.

    Actually, the lawsuit against Phil (at Teamsternet) also included several posters. I don't believe they ever got their real identities