Meal reimbursement from driving school ?

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    I went to driving school in October and was told we got $20 a day for the 4 days for dinner I turned my receipts in and I was just curious how long this takes and what will it look like on my check?
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    You will be issued a separate check for the expenses associated with driving school, which will include not only the meals but also your mileage to and from your home center.
  3. I went last March & just got the check 2 weeks ago. Of course I tried to get reimbursed like 3 times from the worse of our on car sups & center manager. A couple months back, I finally tracked down the better of our on car sups & he got me results... $140 & change worth.
  4. I'm still waiting for my mileage reimbursement.... Had to fill out the form twice because the first got "lost".
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    Talk to your stewards people.