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    I have been getting the runaround over RX coverage . A refill came back as cancelled because {you have reached your plan's maximum medication limit. You may ask you doctor to call 1-800-753-2851 to request a coverage review.} It is one pill a day on the written RX. But Medco is only giving 74 pills a quarter. App. 90 days in 3 months . Had doctor call 800 keeps leaving message , but no callback . Any suggestions
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    I didn't know there was a medication limit. Are you registered on Have you tried the contact us? I gave them my work number and they called me when I had a problem one time. They also responded to an email and I have called their 800 number. I have never had a problem getting an answer but do not have expensive meds. Since they only give you 74 at a time, could it be they cannot dispense 75 or more at a time. Would you be better off getting a two month supply at a time? I do not understand either but have found the people at 1-800-UPS-1508 helpful also when I was on disability. I know it is not HR's "job" anymore to help us with these issues (I was told that is what the helpline and is for) but maybe you can find a sympathic person that would be willing and able to help you. Good Luck!
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    Continue contacting Medco. Keep time, date, and who you spoke to. They are difficult to deal with. Do not let them contact your doctor. It seems when they do, you are then stuck with a 30 day supply instead of the 90 day. They use it to their advantage and it costs you more. Review all submissions to them and make sure the doctor writes the Rx for a 90 day supply, not a 30 day with 3 refills.
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    go to an independent pharmacy. they will take much better care of you. i work at one part time after my preload shift. we take care of oyr customers. i have never done mail order and i never will.
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    I'm with #1angelfan. I refuse to do meds. by the mail. I have a good rapport with the pharmacists & workers at my local Sav-on Pharmacy. Tha pharmacy is inside my grocery store, so I'm already there most days anyway.

    They also will give you the extra pills to get thru vacation time, should your ins. coverage not cover 'til a certain date. It's just real handy for us.
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    I agree the local pharmacy is more concerned about you than Medco, however if your plan (management) covers you on mail order, it won't pay after 2 refills at the pharmacy. At some point you have to look at cost vs. service. After all, what good is a plan that won't cover you at a local pharmacy?
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    Mail order has been just fine for me.
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    Since I'm on Medicare Medco is no longer available to me as a retiree and I have Aetna Prescription coverage. Aetna has an incentive to use their mail order prescription plan. If you take a drug daily for high blood presure, or Lipatore, or Zocore, or any other drug, you get a 3 month supply by mail and only pay for a 2 month supply. This can amount to a large savings on your cost for prescriptions. For the drugs my wife and I require, this is a savings of over $640 a year.I don't know if Medco by Mail offers the same incentive.
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    Thanks 4 the input . I tried to go thru local pharmacy.They would give 5 pills, than next ordor give the rest up to the 74 per quarter
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    Medco has always given me a 90 day supply on my prescriptions the past year since we were forced to use them for maintenance drugs. I perfer the local pharmacy for their service, but I would have to pay full price on my hypertension meds if I still went there.
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    I'm retired, and I still have Medco. I don't know how it will work when I get to the Medicare age.
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    Hypertension? You?