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  1. Who pays for retiree's health and welfare, the Union or UPS? And how much, if any, is contributed by the retiree in monthly premiums? Is it different in each supplement?

    I have a while to go before retirement, but just planning ahead. I have been told that 705 gets benefits for dependents in retirement, but as of now 710 does not. I couldn't find anything in the contract proposal at the 705 website to verify this.

    I am nearing the age of 40 and considering having another child. If I do, I'm afraid I will be working into my 60's to keep my kids insured after beginning my career in my teens. Not a pleasant thought :anxious:
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    UPS contributes to our health and welfare as well as our pension plan while we are working. The Union administers the plans and invests the money in the hopes of getting the best return possible on its investments thereby ensuring a sound pension plan.

    This is the first year that retirees have been asked to pay their own health care premiums (under the pension plan for Upstate NY). I heard that it is $270 for a retiree and their spouse but don't quote me on that.

    Of course, this coverage will end, as will the premiums, when the retiree becomes eligible for Medicare.

    You are smart to begin planning now while you are still relatively young.
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    Here in Virginia, Teamsters Joint Council 83 requires us to pay for our health insurance when retired. I don’t have the exact figures but I think Upstate is getting a way better deal than we are.
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    I'm a Local 639 Retiree. I retired before age 60 and currently pay $198 a month. It was $99 before the recent changes they made. For those who haven't retired in 639 the premiums are going to be much higher. Makes me glad I got out when I did.
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    Local 710 here. The insurance is through UPS, of $50.00 for my wife and I until I reach the age of 65. My wife being younger than I will be covered for the $50.00 per month for exactly 3 years after I begin Medicare at 65.

  6. But no benefits for dependants? Just doesn't seem fair that those who marry and have children in their 20's get dependent coverage through college age, where those of us who wait till our 30's or 40's only get coverage till we retire.

    Didn't the company put in the same amount for our health and welfare beni's, regardless of age? If we choose to have another child, I will have to work at UPS for approximately 40 years to get the same coverage as someone who puts in 25-30 years.

    I've posted about this before, and was hoping this contract would address this issue, but I guess it just doesn't affect enough of us. If the Union is in charge of this, then perhaps I need to be complaining to them.

    Thanks for your responses thus far.....
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    AT one time UPS offered us a new plan including dependent children but most employees thought it was too good to be true(thinking it must be a trick, UPS would never just give us something(the evil company they are)). It was voted down. About 5 years later the biggest negative driver retired with children still in high school. He had only himself to blame when he found out the only insured persons would be him and his wife.
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